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Lets be fucking honest, Aaron Rodgers is the best player in the NFL

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2015 Divisional Playoffs (Green Bay Packers @ Arizona Cardinals)

I really don’t care what anyone says, no quarterback in the league makes this play. Defensive coordinator James Bettcher is thinking, “Fuck this. Let’s just bring seven so he can’t afford the extra time he always buys in the pocket.” And it pretty much worked.

He couldn’t sit in the pocket and wait for his receivers to get down field. He couldn’t get off an ideal loft to the endzone. But he fucking did it anyway. Off his back foot, he launched a 50-yard bomb and took a smack by Markus Golden right after.

Now, I love Tom Brady more than the average Giants fan. He’s the greatest football player ever. BUT, I’m still taking Aaron Rodgers over him if I were a GM or coach. Here’s why:

  1. Rodgers is more accurate and has a better arm.
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      I’ll never understand how that football got there.
  2. His play-making ability.
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      Dolphins defense looks like he saw a ghost with that pump fake.
  3. How he can pretty much make any throw from anywhere on the field.
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      The guy just got cut in half and put the ball right on the numbers..across his body…40 yards away.
  4. Brady has the best coach in NFL history (not a knock on him, just the truth).
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      Felt like I had to continue the gif trend.

And Rodgers wins too.

I want to take this moment to give a nice, “Fuck you” to anyone that even attempted blaming Aaron Rodgers for the Packers 4-6 record. They were 4-2 and then it looked like I was cloned 11 times and placed at every position on their starting defense. They gave up an AVERAGE of 38 points per game in their losses to the Falcons, Colts (they lost that game at home, what the fuck??), Titans and Redskins.

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What was there to blame, his leadership? You mean the guy that’s made players like Randall Cobb, Davante Adams and Geronimo Allison into household names AND better players? Okay maybe not Geronimo yet (that name is really outstanding).

Rodgers and the offense, that featured a NON-EXISTENT running game, a shifting offensive-line, and constant injured receiving-targets (Randall Cobb, Jared Cook, Ty Montgomery), averaged 26 points per game. He not only led them to six straight wins and a division title, Rodgers also bullied the New York Giants vaunted defense and beat the NFC’s No. 1 seed on the road (Dallas Cowboys). It was Rodgers world, and we were all just living in it.

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Then in the NFC Championship, the defense went back to their old ways and gave up a fat 44-point burger on the Packers.

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Seriously, did the Packers secondary bet against themselves before this game? I’m not an expert on tackling fundamentals, but this actually makes me nauseous.

He’s an MVP candidate every season and has helped lead the most consistent team in the NFC over the past couple seasons.

Think about it, if Larry Fitzgerald didn’t crush their dreams in 2015, they would’ve made three consecutive NFC Championship games from 2014-2016.

Also, he’s just a cool guy too. Every time the media comes scrambling to him asking him why the Packers suck, he basically says, “Chill out, I’ll go win some games really quick, brb.”

It’s funny, because everyone knew some crazy shit was about to happen when they SPANKED the Seahawks on FOX: America’s Game of the Week during week 14. Seattle (8-3-1 at the time) was coming off a home blowout against the Panthers, and even though they lost Earl Thomas, many figured they would still give Rodgers some fits in the passing game. In the words of Donald Trump, “Wrong.”

Look at this play. Rolling to his right and hits Adams right in stride, with ease.

That’s what Rodgers can do for you. One game, one quarter, one play can spark a run for any team he’s around.


That shit must be annoying for Bears, Lions and Vikings fans to endure, but it’s pretty fun to analyze.

The Biggest Loser: Eddie Lacy & the Seattle Seahawks

Okay, imagine this. Your direct superior at your workplace informs you that there is a THOUSAND DOLLAR cash prize for losing a certain amount of weight before an established date.

Michael Scott, fictional character legend from “The Office”.

And no, it isn’t this man.

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For those of you that don’t know, that’s Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider.

It’s these guys.

Eddie Lacy was a fun player to watch in his first two NFL seasons (2013 & 2014). He racked up a combined 3,001 total yards and 24 TD’s in those respective seasons, according to NFL.com. But something happened in 2015. Maybe he had one too many midnight snacks. Maybe it was the many outcries for his love of “China Food”.

The third one is my personal favorite (and yes I know the tweets are from 2012, but there seems to be some relevance regarding this topic).

He recorded just over 1,000 rushing yards and 5 TD’s throughout his 2015 & 2016 campaigns. To add insult to injury (since he was placed on IR after Week 6 in 2016), Green Bay had wide receiver Ty Montgomery fill in as their starting running back…and he did pretty well.

So the Seahawks decided to take a chance on Lacy and signed him to a one-year deal, including incentives that could earn him up to $385,000, according to ESPN. As we all know, the incentives are tied to his new weight loss program.

Now to be honest, $55,000 is pocket change to any NFL team. Heck, if I was Lacy, I’d be running on a treadmill right now if someone offered me that.

The concept of this incentive is still boggling my mind. I’m sure Vince Lombardi is rolling in his grave somewhere. Seriously, do you want a guy like this on your team? Is he really worth having if he can’t be trusted with his own weight without a prize? I don’t even blame Lacy, I would take that deal too. GM John Schneider is a well-respected guy in the NFL, but I don’t see the point with this signing. I get that Thomas Rawls and C.J. Prosise are injury prone, but how many heads are going to be in that backfield now?

We’ll soon find out if Lacy sticks to his diet or not. If your were wondering what the rest of his schedule looks like, Field Yates provided a detailed report;

This guy only has to lose five pounds by June and August?? And he’s at 253 pounds right now! Three pounds = $55,000. God I love the NFL.