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“Founding Fathers”/Editors

Bert: I’m thinning, not balding… I’ve got a lifetime of embarrassing moments just waiting to be shared RCNJ Baseball ’19

Stanzo: Rutgers Alum & Avid Yankee fan. Painfully addicted to Twitter. I tell terrible jokes 95% of the time, the other 5% are probably above average

Dave: I’m a whirling dervish of emotion, underambitiously attend Ramapo College, uncomfortable obsession with the Yanks, everyday survivor of Brooklyn Nets fandom


michaelbrianwalker: Currently: math/economics teacher at Ramsey High School, commissioner of both a fantasy baseball league and a fantasy football league Past: Graduate of Midland Park High School Class of 2000 and Colgate University Class of 2004, pricing/yield analyst at AvisBudget from 2004 through 2007, member of MPHS baseball and cross-country teams Fan of: Mets, Devils, Giants Achievements: Named “World’s Slowest Eater” by everyone who knows me, played on the 2003-4 Colgate intramural-championship ice-hockey team, three-time IceHouse Adult League Champion (twice as a Seal, once as a STRanger), have twice been hit by deer while driving, coached the league-tourney-champion 2008-9 Ramsey Rams JV ice-hockey team (universally regarded by me as the greatest JV hockey team of all time), once ran 6 miles listening to nothing but Lonely Island’s “Jack Sparrow” on repeat, picked Gonzaga 10 times to win the championship (yes, I was that guy before it was fashionable to be that guy), stayed for all 17 innings of a 2000 Newark Bears/Somerset Patriots game (and caught my only career foul ball at a pro game during the 16th inning), and have not eaten breakfast regularly since 1996

Riebs: Why am I here? I ask myself the same thing… I credit the founders of BTB with a knack for discovering average talent, and after seeing my bland resume it was obvious that I would fit the job perfectly. Nothing special about me. D3 baseballer, little league umpire with a wicked ball 4 call, and rec league referee who will T up any rowdy parent if they give me a dirty look.

McGons: 2-Time Marist Floor Hockey Champion, easy resume builder. Long suffering Cowboys, Mets, and Nets fan. Follow along for early season optimism, only to end with late season heartbreak.

Reis: Division-I University of Maryland intramural flag football player, Jewish Frat star wannabe

PhillyPhil: All Philly guy. Should probably work for the NHL Network. If you gave me a loaded gun with 2 bullets in a room with Crosby, Brady, and LeBron, I would shoot Crosby twice, pistol-whip Brady, and just laugh at LeBron until he starts crying and flopping. Let’s go Flyers.

Trevor: Rutgers student, avid sports fan, suffering Rutgers supporter, sneakerhead, jersey collector, and the only person to have a below .100 average in intramural softball.

The Jack: Intramural Softball player extraordinaire, I could’ve gone pro if it wasn’t for my bum knee. If you ever catch me watching the Celtics or Yankees and I look calm just know that I’m probably screaming on the inside. Doing my best to bring you some mediocre sports takes.

BRESSI: I’m the hockey guy, occasionally get called horse, don’t worry you dont need to know why. I enlighten people with my knowledge about the game that is played on the frozen water and the greatest trophy in all of sports while cracking a couple miller lites and packen some lippers. If you don’t like hockey, well screw you and if you do like hockey, well still screw you. #11


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