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Don’t Tell Me I Care Too Much About the Yankees

So the AL Wild Card Game is tomorrow night at 8:00, with the Yankees taking on the Minnesota Twins at the stadium. It’s a battle of aces, as Luis Severino will face Ervin Santana. I’m really excited to watch and see what happens, because who doesn’t love playoff baseball? It’s also the first ever elimination game in the young careers of budding stars like Severino, Aaron Judge, and Gary Sanchez (Sanchez was on the roster for the 2015 Wild Card game but did not play.) All good things, right? Not exactly.

When you’re as big of a fan of a team as I am of the Yankees, you don’t just get excited for big games. You get nervous. The fact that tomorrow night could be the last game the 2017 Yankees play has made me sick to my stomach all day. Does that make me a huge loser who cares too much about some baseball game? That’s your own opinion. But the Yankees are much more than just some team to me. The Yankees personify my childhood. They represent trips I made to Yankee Stadium with my family from the time I was 3. They represent summer days playing stickball with my friends when we tried to replicate all the players’ batting stances and swings (Gary Sheffield was always a favorite.) They even represent the days when your MLB 2K6 franchise on PS2 weighed on your mind more than any schoolwork or girl ever could. (Disclaimer: I still don’t talk to girls.) You get my point.

So yeah, I’m a big sports guy in general. But the Yankees are my team. My love of Fantasy Football is sometimes more important to me than the Giants. I haven’t followed hockey as closely as I would like to in years. And don’t get me started on Rutgers or the Knicks. But Yankees baseball will always be extremely important to me.

If you’re a big enough fan of a team, you know how I feel. You’ll know the feeling of me being on the edge of my seat for every pitch, with my emotions being a mix of excitement and angst. You’ll know the feeling of relief and enjoyment that comes with a win in an elimination game, and the heartbreak of seeing your season end so suddenly. As nervous as I am for tomorrow night, this is the best scenario we could ask for in a game like this. The Yankees are home, have been swinging the bats well, and have their ace on the hill. If the Twins beat us, even with everything I just said going against them, then you just have to tip your caps to them. But I’d be absolutely heartbroken to see this team get eliminated without even playing a full series.

This 2017 season has been a hell of a ride. When you watch a team for 6 months and a good portion of 162 games, you feel like you get to know them, even if you don’t know them personally. This season was more than I ever expected, and more than us Yankee fans could have asked for. The future is extremely bright in the Bronx. That being said, I think I speak for all Yankee fans when I say that I am not ready to see this season end tomorrow night. Sevy on the hill, home crowd in the seats, win or go home. Playoff baseball in the Bronx baby, let’s go Yankees!

The 2017 Yankees Made Yankees Baseball Fun Again

The youth movement Yankees baseball saw this season was great for a few reasons. First of all, who woudn’t be excited to see a 23-year old flame-throwing ace, a 24-year old catcher who is already one of the best players at his position in baseball, a 25-year old who broke the rookie home run record.. you get my point. Not only did the youth movement bring talent and results (89 wins and counting), it brought a fun environment back to the Bronx. Continue reading The 2017 Yankees Made Yankees Baseball Fun Again

Looking Ahead to What the Yankees’ Wild-Card Game Roster Could Look Like

With the wild card game being 6 days away and the Yankees still 3 games back of the Red Sox for first place in the AL East, all signs point towards the Yanks playing in the one-game elimination. This game will be played at Yankee Stadium, most likely against the Twins, who have opened up a five-game lead on the Angels. The wild-card game is pretty crazy, and I’ve had mixed feelings on it since its creation in 2012.

The excitement of a one-game playoff is unrivaled; who doesn’t love the win-or-go-home mentality that comes with elimination games? When it’s not your team playing in the game, seeing two teams’ fate come down to 9+ innings of baseball is a joy to watch (I particularly enjoyed the Mets’ loss last year.) But when your team is in it? It’s a whole different animal. I was in the stands in 2015 as Dallas Keuchel dominated the Yankees in the WC game to help the Astros advance, and watching an entire 162-game season come crashing down in one poor performance is heartbreaking. But I’m not gonna complain. The Yankees hit some serious rough spots this season, and gave away multiple games against the Red Sox. They could’ve had the division, but now here they are.

Understand, I’m talking about the roster for the wild-card game, here. If and when the Yankees should advance to the ALDS, they can adjust their roster. Obviously it is a one-game elimination, so all hands will be on deck. But I’m not gonna suggest anything outrageous like Brian Kenny saying Chad Green should start the game over Luis Severino. Let’s take a look at what we have. Continue reading Looking Ahead to What the Yankees’ Wild-Card Game Roster Could Look Like

The Yankees Are All I Have Left in Sports

This weekend was a tough one for me for sure. I consider myself a fan of four sports teams – the Yankees, the Giants, the Knicks, and Rutgers. I’m a Rangers fan too, but I haven’t followed hockey closely enough for the past few years to really consider them one of my main teams. 3 of those 4 teams, with the exception of the Yankees, are doing less than fine right now. I’ll start with Rutgers. Continue reading The Yankees Are All I Have Left in Sports

Chase Headley Getting Pegged in the Baby-Makers Means Yanks Are Officially Back on Track

Before I write this blog, let me make it clear I firmly appreciate the year Chase Headley has had this season. He carried the Yanks offensively when they were struggling before and after the All-Star break, and has unexpectedly put together a nice 2017 campaign.

But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Chase Headley could be batting .570 with 94 dingers, I’d still feel like he’s hitting .248 with 6 home runs and striking out swinging on sliders in the dirt.  He’s what Katy Perry is talking about in the song “Hot N’ Cold”, he’s yes then he’s no, he’s in and he’s out, he’s up and he’s down (back when Katy Perry was actually good).

When the Yankees were hot this season (excluding the first two weeks of the season), Chase Headley was not. He went from hitting an insane .380 in the beginning to plateauing at a consistent .240 for the rest of the year. During that time, the Yankees were playing 1st-place baseball.

Then when the Yankees were falling far into second place and rubbing shoulders with the Rays for third, Chase Headley was scorching hot, going 3-4 almost every game and contributing to a failing offense.

Right on schedule, Headley has started to come down to earth lately, and last night him being hit in the twig and berries firmly makes me believe the Yankees are back on track.

When things are right for the Yankees, they are wrong for Chase Headley.  He’s hot, Yanks are cold. He’s cold, Yanks are hot. It’s science. Ask the nearest nerd what they think, it’s undeniable.

So by Chase being plunked in the Golden Snitch, it’s clear that things are not going his way right now. Coincidentally, the Yankees are 8-2 in their last 10 and their magic number is down to 5 to clinch a playoff spot. Crazy how some things just make sense.

Thank you, Chase. You’re the hero we need, but not the one we deserve. Ice up.

It’s Uncomfortable How Many Yankee “Fans” Have Judge Jerseys Already

Huge win last night. Should we have scored more runs off a guy who came into the game with an ERA over 6? Probably. But coming off as deflating of a loss as Sunday night was, with Luis Cessa on the mound, any victory was a big one.

Bert, Dave and I’s spirits were preeeetty low when Curtis Granderson and Yoenis Cespedes hit two solo shots in the third to make it 2-0 Mets. We were standing in right center so we had the perfect view of Judge trying to rob Cespedes. I literally started to cheer when I saw it hit his glove, only for it to deflect off of it into the bullpen.

Continue reading It’s Uncomfortable How Many Yankee “Fans” Have Judge Jerseys Already