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Ron Harper Jr Dares Duke to Enter the Trapezoid of Terror

Let’s go Ron! Coach K and Duke have the most insufferable college basketball program in the country. The way they carry themselves is just so unbelievably douchey. Remember when he missed games due to an elective back surgery in 2017 and they left his seat open on the bench as if he fucking died?

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This Greg Schiano/James Gandolfini Rutgers Commercial Gets Me So Amped

My brother had never seen The Sopranos before, so I’ve been re-watching with him the last week or so. Not only is it one of the greatest shows of all-time, but James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano is arguably the best character in TV history. He tragically passed away in 2013, may he rest in peace.

I actually have a lot in common with Gandolfini. We’re both Italian, we both grew up in Bergen County, and most importantly, we both went to Rutgers. Not only was Gandolfini a Rutgers grad, but he was genuinely involved with the football program. He helped Schiano promote the program in the early 2000’s, when The Sopranos was massively popular, and was also seen on the sidelines at games. Continue reading This Greg Schiano/James Gandolfini Rutgers Commercial Gets Me So Amped

4 Cold Hard Rutgers Facts (That You Might Not Agree With)

Here we go Nick, start them off with an interesting hook to really get their attention:

Google defines the word fact as “a thing that is known or proved to be true.”

*Fist pumps because I absolutely nailed that opening*

Well, these Rutgers “facts” I’m about to give you aren’t actually facts, because they’re opinions. My opinions, in FACT (it all comes full circle). So even though these are only opinions, they’re facts in my own brain. If you went Rutgers just like me, you’ll know everything I’m talking about. Let’s see if you agree. Continue reading 4 Cold Hard Rutgers Facts (That You Might Not Agree With)

Should this Rutgers Professor Reporting 126 Students for Cheating Go to Prison?

Quarantine has been a strange time. Every day we wake up, and instead of getting ready for work or school and going somewhere, we stay home. There’s one big unspoken agreement between every normal person in society that we can all just go through the motions until we get back to our regular routines. Well, it appears this professor not only didn’t get the “just go through the motions” memo, he also decided to become the biggest hardo in North America:

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Schiano is Getting a Raw Deal

Hell must be freezing over if I am writing an article about college football.  Over the years, I gradually realized that I could not spend all day Saturday and all day Sunday watching football, so the NFL and Sundays won out.  I was last “into” college football in 2006-7, when Rutgers football peaked.  Obviously, Rutgers University is currently at its peak, now that it can lay claim to “BTB” editor, Nick Costanzo.  However, the football peak predates Nick by nearly a decade.

In 2006, Rutgers rose from the ashes of years and years of terrible football to become a quality program.  The Scarlet Knights had a legendary win over #3-ranked Louisville in November 2006 (the “Pandemonium in Piscataway” game).  Later, in December, Rutgers actually had the opportunity to win the Big East and advance to a big-time bowl game.  All it would have taken was a win over West Virginia, but Rutgers lost a heartbreaker in double overtime.  The Scarlet Knights were then forced to settle for a berth in the Texas Bowl, where they easily dispatched of Kansas State.

Image result for 2006 rutgers
Photo courtesy of Bleacher Report

Why am I randomly bringing up Rutgers football today?  It is because the program’s coach during that “peak” was Greg Schiano.  Truthfully, I did not think he was a great in-game coach, but he was a strong recruiter.  Plus, it seems like players played hard for him.  Either way, the proof was in the pudding.  Rutgers has been terrible at football during most of my existence, but the program managed to have a few good seasons with Schiano at the helm.

Of course, Greg Schiano has now been a huge story this week – maybe not as big a story as Matt Lauer or Eli Manning, but still huge.  Schiano was set to be hired as head coach at University of Tennessee until a bunch of people in Tennessee protested the hiring.  The rationale for the protest was that these individuals believe Schiano was part of the Jerry Sandusky cover-up at Penn State.  I think that is silly logic and that Schiano is getting a raw deal.  I will explain.

In the early 1990s, Greg Schiano was a low-level assistant coach at Penn State.  During the hearings for Jerry Sandusky, Mike McQueary (a Penn State assistant coach in the early 1990s) testified that another assistant coach said, “Greg had come into his office white as a ghost and said he just saw Jerry doing something to a boy in the shower”.

That sure does not sound like “covering up” to me.  That sounds like someone seeing a horrible act and reporting it.  Given that, why are people flipping out in Tennessee?  It is because some people have lost all sense of degree.  It seems to me that people are equating Joe Paterno’s actions or lack thereof with Schiano’s, and that is patently unfair.

I assume that the protesters feel Schiano should have done more than tell another assistant what he had seen.  The protesters probably feel that he should have screamed from the mountaintops that he had seen a horrific crime and that Sandusky should be locked up in jail.  However, I find this to be an unreasonable expectation for a low-level assistant coach.  In any profession, low-level employees do not want to make big stinks out of things.  If a low-level employee has integrity, he/she will report a heinous incident to somebody “higher up”, and that is precisely what Schiano allegedly did.  Schiano allegedly DID report what he saw.  It is just that the people above him chose to cover it up.   That is on the people above Schiano, not on Schiano himself.

Greg Schiano was not in a position of power; it was not his job to see Sandusky brought to justice.  That job belonged to head coach Joe Paterno, school president Graham Spanier, and those in law enforcement.  Joe Paterno essentially “ran” central Pennsylvania in those days.  He was “above” the police and “above” the university.  The fact that he did nothing about Sandusky’s child molestation is criminal.  However, the fact that Greg Schiano – who was at the bottom of the coaching ranks – “only” reported the abuse to another assistant coach is not criminal.  Blame the head coach, blame the school president, and obviously blame Sandusky himself…but do not blame Schiano.  Furthermore, Schiano has claimed in recent years that he did not actually see any abuse, so take that for what it is worth.  That said, Schiano has not been found guilty in court of any crime.  He should be Tennessee’s coach.


PS: Since Eli Manning is a big story this week, I will weave Eli and Schiano with this nugget: I am a big Giants fan, but it never bothered me that then-Bucs-coach Greg Schiano had his defense rush Eli Manning on a 2012 “victory formation” kneel-down.  I had seen that done many times previously, and I do not really know why people freaked out so much about Schiano doing it.  “Keep chopping, Greg.”

The Yankees Are All I Have Left in Sports

This weekend was a tough one for me for sure. I consider myself a fan of four sports teams – the Yankees, the Giants, the Knicks, and Rutgers. I’m a Rangers fan too, but I haven’t followed hockey closely enough for the past few years to really consider them one of my main teams. 3 of those 4 teams, with the exception of the Yankees, are doing less than fine right now. I’ll start with Rutgers. Continue reading The Yankees Are All I Have Left in Sports

Hey, Rutgers: Do the Right Thing and Free the Alley

With fall semester right around the corner, Rutgers students are ready to finally get back to school and hit the books hard. Although most of us love studying whenever we can, some students are excited to dabble in the social aspect of college. And during fall semester, that means tailgate season.

Since Rutgers is a Big Ten school, they must have awesome tailgates at the parking lots outside High Point Solutions Stadium, right? No, of course not! Our tailgates are actually in a different city than where the game takes place (kind of a cheap shot but Busch is in Piscataway and College Ave is New Brunswick). Continue reading Hey, Rutgers: Do the Right Thing and Free the Alley