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Fantasy Football Draft Strategy #3: Trade Bait

As your friends finally go back to school and the Snapchat stories and Instagram feeds begin to pile up with college parties and everybody “finally being back” after a grueling 4 months of summer vacation, another thought comes to mind.

Football season.  And football season means fantasy football season. And that means happiness. For my third and final draft strategy, I will focus on the art of drafting a team with major trade bait.  Essentially, you want to find players that have unique value and have potential for breakout seasons that you can include in a trade to get guaranteed production. You don’t care about your lineup or anything, because you know that half the guys won’t be there come halfway through the season.

NOTE: I desperately wanted Kareem Hunt (KC-RB), but another person took him one pick before me. It should be acknowledged he has Donald Trump HUGE trade value right now.

I had the 3rd overall pick in this draft, here is the squad:

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Auction Drafts > Snake Drafts

Hello, loyal readers of BTB.  My fiancée, Madelyn, and I just spent some quality time up in the Canadian Rockies, a beautiful part of the world.  However, while I was there, I did feel bad that “Below the Belt” had to take a hiatus to wait for me to come back to the States.  Now, the wait is over.  I feel like Ron Burgundy coming back to Channel 4, shouting “We can do the news!”  Now, I can finally help the site get back to covering the big news of the past two weeks.  First off, I am so excited that Rutgers is installing a jacuzzi in the seating at its football stadium!  Secondly, I love that Don La Greca eviscerated a caller last week for saying that the Yankees should have pinch-hit for Aaron Judge in a win against the Mets.  Lastly, I love ESPN.  I love everything about it.  Not only can I now feel comfortable watching Virginia’s first game, but the Worldwide Leader even had the courtesy of putting up a list of “Fantasy Football Sleepers” during a Mets/Yankees telecast last week.  The list included Todd Gurley.  No Mets/Yanks viewer who does fantasy had ever heard of him until that moment, and baseball fans who don’t care about fantasy were really excited to see a random fantasy-football list show up in a Mets/Yankees game.  Great work, ESPN.  Furthermore……Oh wait, I am now being told that the site did actually carry on without me, and all that I just mentioned is old news.  Got it.  In that case, let’s talk about auction drafts.  Perfect segue.

Today was my 17th draft in the “MPHS Classes of 2000-2004” Draft, and it was our sixth year doing an auction draft.  At this point, I can no longer imagine doing it any other way.  Listen, you college kids.  Auction drafts are the way to go.  In a moment, I’ll detail all the reasons and examples why they are a hundred times better than snake drafts.  First off, here are the rules, as they pertain to our league.  Each team gets a draft budget of 200 fictional dollars.  There is a nomination order, not a true draft order.  When it is your turn to nominate, you say a player’s name and a dollar amount.  If nobody offers more, the guy is yours.  If someone offers more, that person gets the player.  Person after person can up the ante until eventually the price tops out, and the top bidder gets the guy.  In our specific league, we do not require teams to fill out entire rosters.  Therefore, we had two teams this year draft only seven players (we start 12 and have an 8-man bench).  Of course, this requires those teams to pick up a ton of guys on the waiver wire.  (Everyone has a 200-fictional-dollar auction budget too.)  So what makes auction drafts great?

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An Ode to Anquan Boldin

Image result for anquan boldin
Boldin stays in bounds and dives in for a TD against the then St. Louis Rams

This play was made in his 11th season, on his third NFL team. Even though Anquan Boldin never had blazing speed or phenomenal route-running, he always had a knack for making plays, giving his best effort and having the toughness of a linebacker. I mean look at that fucking body control. Any other receiver in their 30’s does that and their bound to pop an achilles.

First of all, the guy registered 10 grabs for 217 yards and two touchdowns…IN HIS FIRST CAREER GAME! No one expected that from the second-round pick from Florida State. He didn’t even play receiver full time in college.

Image result for anquan boldin first game
You can tell how long the guy was in the league for just by looking at those old Arizona uniforms

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