the seahawks are the reason i’m balding

The Seahawks started getting good again around 2013. If you ask some of my friends, they’d aruge I started losing my hair around then too. Call me crazy, but I think there’s a correlation between the two. And you saw exactly why on Sunday night.

Their games in the Pete Carroll/Russell Wilson era are just balls of stress woven into an even bigger ball of stress. I can’t remember the last time they just blew out a team no problem. Hell, there’s points where I would even take a blowout loss. Let me enjoy my Sunday a little without feeling the need to write a blog at 1 AM.

More than ever, Seahawks need to ride on Russell Wilson's healthy shoulders  | The Seattle Times
Image via The Seattle Times

Obviously, this Sunday night’s game was no different. The game was absolute madness with the Seahawks going down 37-34 in an overtime loss to the Arizona Cardinals. It hurt, in more ways than one. First, it hurts the NFC West Standings. With the loss, the Seahawks stay in first place but the NFL’s best division is getting a whole lot tighter.

  1. Seahawks 5-1
  2. Cardinals 5-2
  3. Rams 4-2
  4. 49ers 4-3

Second, and more importantly, it hurts emotionally. This team, and moreso this year than ever, LOVES letting teams hang around. It’s like Pete Carroll is addicted to one-possession games like LeBron is addicted to getting hair transplants. As a diehard fan, having every fourth quarter be an absolute circus is draining. It’s incredibly exciting because more times than not they win. But it’s draining on nights like this because they did so many things wrong.

They have the potential to be one of the best teams in football. You can cut them a break if you want because their best cornerback, Shaquill Griffin, and their big offseason acquisition, Jamal Adams, were hurt. But the second a team starts making the injury argument they don’t come back from it. Arizona is missing Chandler Jones and found a way.

Seahawks collapse, lose 37-34 in overtime to Cardinals - Field Gulls
Image via Field Gulls

The problem starts with the pass rush, as I’d say the secondary has played pretty well. The Seahawks only get pressure on the quarterback on about 20% of dropbacks. That puts infinite pressure on the secondary and linebackers to consistently have to make big plays, and against a talented offense like Arizona that’s a tall task.

The bigger problem is, there are a lot better offenses out there. Especially if you make it through the NFC and need to face Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson in February. Before the November 3rd trade deadline this glaring problem needs to be addressed if the Seahawks plan to contend for a Super Bowl. And maybe it can allow me to have little less stress every Sunday.

Go Hawks.

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