Zoey 101 coming back is the best news of 2020

Are you ready? (get it like the theme song!!) 2020 has been a complete shitstain of a year, but a Zoey 101 reunion could lead an Eli Manning in the Super Bowl-level comeback. It’s on my Mount Rushmore of TV shows from growing up, alongside Drake & Josh, Ned’s Declassified, and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

I feel bad for kids today. Instead of growing up with those classic shows, they get whatever the hell this horrifying shit is:

Anyway, back to Zoey 101. The reboot has five of the six core cast members coming back, including Zoey (Jamie-Lynn Spears), Chase (Sean Flynn), Logan (Matthew Underwood), Quinn (Erin Sanders), and Michael (Christopher Massey). The show was the absolute shit. Everybody wanted to attend PCA when they were a kid. Even though in reality, it’s Pepperdine University.

Is the Pacific Coast Academy a real school? - Quora

A lot of people on Twitter were concerned that the cast also includes a few Tik Tok kids.

It is what it is though. They obviously needed to add new characters, they weren’t just gonna have the cast in their 30’s still attending PCA. I refuse to believe anything with this much of the original cast could suck. Regardless, Zoey 101 ended 12 years ago, I’ll enjoy this thing no matter what. It’s like eating when you’re starving. Even if the food sucks, it tastes good.

I’m pumped, I’ll probably be listening to the all-time banger of a theme song on repeat for months now.

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