An Outrageously Early Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Has this ever happened to you? You’re sitting at home, bored, watching an episode of your favorite TV show that you’ve already seen fourteen times this quarantine. And then you hear it…the word “snake”. By association, your dry sports mind jumps to “snake draft”, and then of course that takes you to fantasy football, and obviously that lands you at participating in a 12-team mock draft at 11:47 PM on a Sunday night in the middle of July.


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Okay, maybe this was particular to me, but the point is that I did a fantasy football mock draft and I think I can impart some wisdom. I was the 9th pick in a 12-team snake draft, and here were the results:

1. Nick Chubb (CLE – RB): I’m a big believer in needing two good running back in fantasy football, and that’s extraordinarily difficult to accomplish if you don’t get one in the first round. The teams ahead of me took wide receivers, so Chubb was the best available at the moment.

2. Chris Godwin (TB – WR): I’m actually surprised he made it this far into the draft. Godwin was one of the breakout stars of last year and that was with a pre-Lasik Jameis. I can only imagine what he’ll do with a quarterback that can see him. If he’s around in the second round, get him. He will be an elite #1 WR this year.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Predictions for Chris Godwin in 2020

3. Amari Cooper (DAL – WR): I told myself I would never draft this man ever again. Two years in a row Amari Cooper sat in my WR2 spot and put up 1-4 points per game, then the second you put him on the bench he goes off for 40. But that was a Raiders Amari Cooper, and I’ve been a big fan of Cowboys Amari Cooper. He is a great WR2 now (and now that I say that he will go back to having 2.4 points a game).

4. Jonathan Taylor (IND – RB): I panicked. He’s a high-ranking rookie, and the rush of making a “sleeper” pick in the fourth round had me amped up. In hindsight, I would not pick him again because Indianapolis offense is just unusual and they’re pitching Taylor as being a workhorse but I just don’t know. Avoid Indy running backs if you can.

5. Zach Ertz (PHI – TE): Healthy Wentz means a solid Ertz. Easy pick here in the fifth round.

6. Dak Prescott (DAL – QB): This man is trying to get a 55 year contract out of Jerry Jones. I expect him to be hucking football down the field to his receivers. Sign me up.

Dak double: Cowboys' Prescott beats Redskins with legs, arm | WTOP

7. Darius Slayton (NYG – WR): He’s the real deal. The better the Giants line gets the better Daniel Jones will get and the better Slayton will get.

8. Diontae Johnson (PIT – WR): For what it’s worth in Pittsburgh’s offense last year, Johnson was actually productive. With Big Ben back maybe this man could take over that #2 spot for good.

9. Marlon Mack (IND – RB): What’s up handcuff? I know I said to stay away from Indy running backs, but I have such little confidence in my 4th round pick that I wanted insurance just in case. If Taylor doesn’t work out, at least I know a guy on my roster will be taking his carries.

10. James White (NE – RB): Cam Newton and McCaffrey always had a decent connection, so I like the idea of another receiving running back standing with him.

11. Chicago (DEF): I love the too-early defense/special teams pick. Send the draft into a panic and before you know it people will start drafting kickers.

12. Greg Zuerlin (DAL – K): I drafted a kicker. Also, Greg the Leg in Dallas is news I did not know and works perfectly with my Dak + Amari combo.

13. Kirk Cousins (MIN – QB): I didn’t like a single other skill position on the draft board, so I pivoted to a backup QB. Not my favorite pick, but if drafts were perfect, we wouldn’t have to practice.

14. Blake Jarwin (DAL – TE): This pick doesn’t matter, so I’m taking my pick for Blake of the Year.

15. Alshon Jeffrey (PHI – WR): Why not, right?

Looking back, I think I made a lot of mistakes and went against myself on multiple occasions. We’ve all been there. But hopefully my mistakes lead to your success. Happy mock drafting.

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