The NBA Bubble Food is Straight Out of Fyre Fest

While MLB was completely botching their negotiations for months, I kept thinking “man, I can’t believe the NBA got this figured out so quickly.” Turns out there are a couple kinks in their plan. I mean, how does a multi-billion dollar operation like the NBA serve that garbage to its players? I’m actually almost impressed at how disgusting that looks.

I'm not even mad. That's amazing. | I Ain't Even Mad | Know Your Meme

There’s no chance LeBron is eating that. The guy will probably bring his own personal chef into the bubble before he has to live off of that garbage. Nuggets’ guard Troy Daniels also shared a picture of his food on Twitter, and while it looked better than the above, it was still pretty pathetic.


These are the best athletes in the world, grinding it out as they prepare for a playoff run, and they’re supposed to live off of pita chips and watermelon? They would literally be better off getting these guys swipes into a college dining hall. I think their original plan was to have Mr. Krabs do the cooking, so they had to pivot to a backup plan at the last minute.

Did I say that? Nooooo, I cleaned the BATHROOMS on the Gourmet! I ...

I’m going to need two things from the NBA here. First, to actually feed these guys real food because I can’t imagine most of them will want to stay in the bubble if they have to keep eating like that. And I’m losing my damn mind without sports, so I need this NBA reboot to happen. Second, Adam Silver should call up Gordon Ramsay and have him absolutely eviscerate whoever is cooking up these trash meals and thinking they’re worth serving to anybody with a pulse, let alone NBA players.

Fuck Off Gordon Ramsay GIF - FuckOff GordonRamsay Stupid GIFs

Adam Silver seems like a pretty smart guy, and considering everything that’s going on with coronavirus, I doubt he’s the one in charge of the food situation in Orlando. I think I have a pretty good idea who might have been behind this.

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