Peter King: Just Take It Easy, Man

Peter King is notorious for constantly complaining, but this is one of the more outrageous tweets I’ve seen in a long time. Competitive eating is sinful? Just calm down dude, we’re talking about guys eating boiled meat in buns, not fucking murder.

I totally get that some people don’t wanna watch humans inhale hot dogs for ten minutes straight, and that’s fine. You don’t have to. But a lot of people genuinely enjoy this event. I personally think it’s really entertaining, especially when there’s been virtually no live sports on for four months. Joey Chestnut ate a record 75 hot dogs while winning his 13th contest in 14 years.

Peter King’s tweet is everything that’s wrong with society today. If people don’t enjoy something, it’s not enough for them to just ignore it. They have to complain about that thing and make anyone who does like it seem like a moron. I mean, they gave Chrissy Teigen a TV show, and even though I’d rather lick the floor of an NJ Transit bus than watch it for five minutes, you don’t see me calling anyone who enjoys it “sinful.”

So Peter, just let people do as they please and stick to football. And try not to be too gluttonous, vomitous and grotesque yourself.

Peter King Stuffs His Fat Face PK

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