Bryson’s Bombs Lead to Victory at Rocket MortGage Championship

This weekend we witnessed one of the most intriguing players on the PGA Tour do his thing. Bryson DeChambeau has been on fire since golf has resumed, with multiple top 10 finishes. This weekend at the Rocket Mortgage Championship he finally put everything together and left with the W. I’m a new golf fan, (especially with the lack of sports going on), and Bryson is still one of the most insane athletes I have come across.

The guy went from a twig last year to drinking 10 protein shakes a day and hitting 350+ yard bombs off the tee. He is now a perfect mixture of beef cake jock and science nerd (he calculates every shot mathematically/physics/one of those two I think lol). He’s must-watch TV every-time he steps up to the tee or even walks on a golf course. From hitting bombs to yelling at camera men for filming him, he is never short of good old entertainment. As a new fan, I think Bryson is good for the sport. He draws a younger crowd in with his entertaining style of play and off the course antics. I look forward to seeing what else he can pull together in upcoming events, and I will continue to bet everything I own on him to finish at least top 10 because that has been guaranteed money since golf resumed.

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