Any Yankee Fan That Uses Racial Slurs Deserves to Get Their Ass Beat

There’s absolutely no place for this anywhere, let alone at a baseball game. Yankee fans pride ourselves on making the Stadium a hostile environment for opponents to play, especially in big games. It gets insanely loud, and fans heckle away players. Here’s what Twins’ pitcher Tyler Duffey said after his team came into the Bronx for the ALDS last year.

Opposing players shouldn’t want to play at Yankee Stadium. It creates a huge homefield advantage for the Yanks. All of that being said, there’s a line that every real fan knows not to cross, and racial slurs are way over said line.

I’ve personally never heard anyone use racial slurs at a Yankee game, any fan who does deserves to get their ass kicked. Heckling players because of the color of their skin is some of the most disgusting behavior anyone can take part in at a baseball game, and anyone who does should not be welcomed back ever again.

It sucks when a select few fans ruin the reputation of an entire fan base. In the ALCS this video went viral of a couple clown Yankee fans throwing a beer at an Astros fan in the bathroom:

What absolute morons. Such a cowardly move to throw it at the guy when he’s not even looking. Also, was that really worth wasting a $14 beer? Those idiots probably didn’t even watch the Yankees until Aaron Judge got called up. Any Yankee fan that didn’t suffer through 2013 is most likely a total douchebag.

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit

Red Sox fans know better than anyone that a few lousy fans can ruin it for everyone. Everyone remembers the Adam Jones fiasco from a few years ago.

Well, the Red Sox tackled that issue head on yesterday with probably the best statement I’ve seen any pro sports team make these past few weeks.

Good on them for addressing it.

The fact of the matter is, it’s our job as fans to call out people being racist at games no matter what jersey they’re wearing. Sports are supposed to bring us together. As much as I “hate” Red Sox fans, I still have a lot of respect for them. They’re a lot like us in that they expect a lot of their team and are extremely loyal & passionate fans. Maybe we get in a screaming match where I make fun of them for trading Mookie and they respond with “16-1” (still hurts), but there’s a mutual respect that at the end of the day, we’re all just hardcore fans who love the game of baseball. However, I have no respect for any fan who uses race to insult others, or anyone who throws shit at another fan.

So if you’re a Yankee fan, show up to the Stadium whenever we’re actually able to go back. Get hammered, scream your head off. Cheer for our guys, boo the other team, heckle their guys and get creative with it if you want. (We were calling Mookie a virgin at a game a couple years ago, but I just found out he has a kid so that’s completely out the window). But please, don’t take it too far. When you do that, you make every single Yankee fan look bad. I don’t care what jersey you’re wearing, if you’re being an asshole you deserve to get your teeth kicked in.

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