Ron Harper Jr Dares Duke to Enter the Trapezoid of Terror

Let’s go Ron! Coach K and Duke have the most insufferable college basketball program in the country. The way they carry themselves is just so unbelievably douchey. Remember when he missed games due to an elective back surgery in 2017 and they left his seat open on the bench as if he fucking died?

Just when I thought I couldn’t hate Duke any more than I already do, their athletic director releases this statement:

Quote graphic with a statement from Duke Vice President and Director of Athletics Kevin White on Name, Image and Likeness legislation.

So much stupidity to unpack here. First of all, Duke saying they’re concerned about college players getting paid because they’re worried about the athletes makes no sense. How is paying the athletes “exploiting” them? The current exploitation is the fact that college basketball players make both the schools they play for and the NCAA as a whole millions of dollars without seeing a dime of it – I’ve written about this at length before. It’s also crazy how hypocritical it is that Duke of all schools is complaining about players getting paid when it’s well documented that they already pay players under the table. This tweet is literally from today:

And good for Zion honestly, he absolutely deserved to be paid. CBS actually had a “Zion cam” following his every move when Duke played during March Madness. He generated a ton of money. But who is Duke to come out and say they’re worried about players being able to profit off their likeness when they’re already paying guys under the table?

But back to Rutgers. The post Ron was responding to was some Duke fan saying Rutgers needs to “get relevant” if they don’t like Duke’s recruiting advantages:

Rutgers may never be on Duke’s level, but returning most of a 20-win team that was robbed of a shot to play in the tournament as well as adding a top-50 recruit in Cliff Omoruyi is a damn good spot to be in. Also I love this clap back:

got heem | Tumblr

I need to see Rutgers play Duke now. My confidence in the Scarlet Knights playing at home is through the trapezoid-shaped roof. They could beat the ’96 Bulls or the 73-win Warriors if the RAC is rocking. Don’t fact check that, it’s science.

Ball’s in your court, Coach K.

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