Get Me in a Room With the Owners, I’m Making Baseball Happen

Pardon my French, but what in the shit is happening right now? I literally wrote a blog yesterday about how it was the most optimistic I’ve been that we get baseball in 2020. Well, today is the least optimistic I’ve been. I changed my mind faster than sorority girls going from best friends to sworn enemies; but Becky did fuck Brad from Sigma Apple Pi when she KNEW Taylor called dibs on him, so I get why that happened. What I don’t get is how the owners aren’t realizing they would be killing their league if they don’t play this year. The choices are literally either play this year, take a hit on your bottom line and increase the game’s popularity moving forward. Or don’t play this year, be the only major sport in America to not come back after a pandemic because you couldn’t agree on money and completely cripple the future of your league. Let me put it in restaurant terms because the best metaphors always involve food:

Option 1: Open up your restaurant and everything on the menu is half-priced for a year. You make considerably less money than usual, but a buzz builds around your restaurant, and you gain tons of new customers. You might take a slight loss in year 1, but business is booming after that.

Option 2: Don’t open the restaurant at all for a year, and when you come back not only do you have no new customers, but you’ve pissed off a bunch of your old customers to the point that they aren’t coming back. You don’t make or lose money in year 1, but your business is a fraction of what it once was when you reopen.

Did that make sense? I think so. The most frustrating part is that it seems like the players have been willing to negotiate this entire time, whereas the owners will only take a deal that heavily favors them.

Regardless, I’m sick of this shit. Just get me in a room with Tony Clark and the owners, I will make a deal happen. I’ll lock the door and make everyone binge Big Bang Theory for hours if I have to, I don’t care.

America needs baseball. You need it, I need it, Drew Brees for SURE needs it so sports media has something else to talk about. Just bring it to me. Rob Manfred, I’m willing to donate my time and do whatever it takes to get baseball back, whether it’s a Big Bang viewing party or an Other Guys Bad Cop/Bad Cop shakedown, I will devote my entire life to the cause. You know where to find me. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to cry myself to sleep thinking about the absurdity of this situation.

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