Anyone Calling the Players ‘Greedy’ Isn’t Paying Attention

As a huge baseball fan that’s been completely tuned into whether we’ll have a season or not since the day spring training was suspended, this is the most optimistic I’ve felt in awhile.

The players aren’t going to accept that, but at least we’re at the point of talking full pro-rated salaries now. Owners countering the players’ 114 game offer with 50 games makes it look increasingly likely that both sides meet right in the middle at 82. These negotiations have been relatively ugly, but as long as we get baseball who cares. One thing I can’t stand for, however, is people blaming this hold up on the players.

I’m not going to sit here and act like the biggest issue in America right now is baseball players making millions of dollars. It would be tone deaf to act as if these negotiations are more important than the 40 million unemployed Americans, the ongoing pandemic, or the Black Lives Matter movement. But if I’m not feeling sorry for the millionaire players, I’m sure as hell not gonna feel sorry for the billionaire owners. Just because there are tons of unemployed people in America right now doesn’t mean baseball players aren’t entitled to the money they signed contracts for. They worked their entire lives for this, putting in countless hours and playing in the minors making a barely liveable wage before finally getting a shot at the major league level. And the minor leaguers currently working for their shot at the bigs? Owners don’t seem to care about them either.

What the A’s did is truly horrific. Not only are they not paying their minor leaguers, but by furloughing them, they can’t collect unemployment either. They weren’t the only team in MLB looking to save a few bucks off their minor league guys.

You really have to wonder how much $75,000 matters to the defending World Series champions, a team with a revenue of over $370 million last season. Thankfully, their players stepped up and did the right thing.

Wait, aren’t these the same “greedy” players who are supposedly the reason baseball hasn’t come to an agreement yet? This ultimately forced the Nats’ owners to pay the minor league players in full, but just think about the absurdity of this situation:

The players had to pledge they would cover the $75,000 that their billionaire owner refused to pay minor leaguers, who don’t even make minimum wage under normal circumstances, during a pandemic. How is that a real sentence that I had to type out?

I’m not saying every MLB owner is a bad person, but if you legitimately think the fact that baseball hadn’t come to an agreement yet isn’t their fault, I don’t know what to tell you.

As I was finishing this up, Ken Rosenthal tweeted out this:

Like I have been with so many things going on during these negotiations, I’m really confused. They won’t be sending a counter proposal, but they’re ready to discuss additional ideas? Who knows at this point. I still think we get an 82 game season, with the players accepting either a slight pay cut or some of their salary being deferred into upcoming seasons. All I know is, if baseball is the only sport to not come back during this pandemic, they are going to take a massive hit.

Thank you all for reading this insanely depressing blog. Here’s a photo of the Trenton Thunder’s new bat dog, Dash, to brighten your mood.

Thunder to Welcome New Bat Dog in 2020! | Trenton Thunder - YouTube

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