All Rise: Aaron’s Girlfriend Will Be Facing Different Judge After DUI


On days like today, I wish my job was writing the backpage headlines for the New York Post, because that headline was the perfect amount of corny. But really, what are we doing here, Aaron? Derek Jeter played two decades in New York and kept out of the tabloids. Judge is in the middle of rehabbing his broken rib and his girl blows a .18? You just can’t have that shit.

I wish I could give her the benefit of the doubt. If Judge likes her, I’m sure she’s not a bad person or anything. But that goes all the way out the window when you blow a .18 after being behind the wheel of a car. That’s just irresponsible and disgusting behavior. It’s 2020, call a damn Uber. Baseball isn’t even happening right now, I’m sure Randy Dobnak was available to give her a ride.

I hate acting like one of those Boomer Yankee fans saying “Jeter would’ve never let this happen,” but Judge is supposed to be the leader of this team. If he can help the Yanks win a championship and gets a contract extension, he will be the next captain of the Yankees, no doubt about it. When Jeter was 24, he was dumping Mariah Carey because he got bored. And this was AFTER he helped the Yanks win a ring in his rookie year. If the Yankees are going to have a shot at winning it all in 2020, they need a healthy and locked in Aaron Judge. So to the big guy, please, no more TMZ headlines moving forward.

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