Ben Affleck Almost Quit ‘Gone Girl’ Because He Wouldn’t Wear a Yankee Hat

If you haven’t seen Gone Girl, definitely get on that. Basically, Ben Affleck plays the dude in a broken marriage when his wife goes missing. Great movie. Anyway, Affleck grew up in Massachusetts a die-hard Red Sox fan.

Ben Affleck wasn't willing to wear a Yankees hat for 'Gone Girl ...

Affleck’s character in Gone Girl, however, is from New York. Director David Fincher wanted Affleck to wear a Yankee hat in a scene where he’s getting off of a plane. Well, Affleck was not on board with that idea. He was so adamant about refusing to wear the hat that apparently production was shut down for four days. As a fan on the opposite side of the rivalry, I absolutely respect the hell out of the move.

Affleck has said he didn’t want to wear the hat because it “would become a thing,” which is definitely true. He’s one of the faces of the Red Sox’ fan base, and you can guarantee that a movie scene with him in a Yankee hat would’ve become a classic meme for Yankee fans. If I was an A-list actor, there’s a 0% chance I would wear a Red Sox hat in any movie. I would rather get absolutely roasted by every 13-year old on Tik Tok than have even one Masshole tweet me a picture of me in a Sox hat. By the way, Affleck’s compromise with Fincher was to wear a Mets hat in the scene, in what was probably the proudest moment for their franchise since ’86.

Between Gone Girl being a hit, Affleck standing up for his team & the fact that Emily Ratajkowski is his mistress in the movie, this was all one massive win for him.

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