Trevor Plouffe Better Not Be Honeydicking Us

The Trevor Plouffe tweet is exactly what every baseball fan has been waiting for, a timeline for the season to start. Baseball on 4th of July weekend? Hell yes, inject that shit directly into my veins. I don’t even care that allergic-to-having-fun Keith Law tried to rain on the parade before it even started:

We had some other people besides Plouffe weigh in. Phil Hughes also said he had heard the same timeline, but he and Trevor are buddies so I took it with a grain of salt. Cardinals’ ace Jack Flaherty responded to Plouffe’s tweet saying this was the first he had heard of it, but later deleted the tweet. Does that mean something? Who knows.

NBC Sports’ Jessica Kleinschmidt reported that she had been hearing the same timeline, so even if these are just rumblings, at least they seem to have some truth to them.

The leader of the “Make Baseball Fun Again” movement, Trevor Bauer, claimed he hadn’t heard anything about this timeline, but later clarified that he was not trying to dispute Plouffe’s claims.


Not sure if I can believe Plouffe when he says this as if it’s a set-in-stone plan, but I really do think this is the kind of timeline baseball is looking for. Imagine America’s Pastime coming back for 4th of July weekend? As terrible as MLB’s marketing team is, even they realize what how huge that level of exposure could be for the sport. I’m getting excited just thinking about it. Hit the music!



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