Should this Rutgers Professor Reporting 126 Students for Cheating Go to Prison?

Quarantine has been a strange time. Every day we wake up, and instead of getting ready for work or school and going somewhere, we stay home. There’s one big unspoken agreement between every normal person in society that we can all just go through the motions until we get back to our regular routines. Well, it appears this professor not only didn’t get the “just go through the motions” memo, he also decided to become the biggest hardo in North America:

It’s an online exam, during a pandemic, for a class that was only able to meet for half a semester. You expect kids NOT to check Chegg? Or how about this genius idea: if you don’t want kids to use Chegg to solve exam questions, come up with your own questions that aren’t on there! I took some electives and business classes online in college, but I can’t imagine taking an online math class. Not only do these students have a full courseload of finals to worry about right now, but who knows if coronavirus is potentially affecting them or their loved ones? Now they have to deal with potentially being kicked out of school because this self-righteous LOSER of a professor thinks he’s more important than his students. The dude is basically the Chris Ash of professors.

Longhorns hire Chris Ash as defensive coordinator

Rutgers is my alma mater, I love the place more than anything. I got extremely lucky that nearly all of my professors were great. But every once in awhile, you get the old RU Screw, and that’s exactly what’s happening here. This professor might be shocked to hear, but I don’t think these were the first kids to ever use Chegg to help them with their classes. But I guess we can’t be entirely sure.

To answer my own question in the title of this blog, yes, this professor should go to prison. Or at the very least be forced to eat all of his meals at Brower for a year.

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