A Tradition Unlike Any Other: Old Tweets Exposed on Draft Night

Ahh, draft night. Twice a year (I only watch the NFL and NBA drafts), we see dozens of young athletes who were stars in college officially make the jump to the pros. These guys’ lives instantly change. Not only are they significantly richer than before, but there’s a lot more attention on them as well. And with that attention, comes people looking into your past. And with that, comes old tweets being dug up.

For the record, I think it’s pretty dumb to actually judge a draftee’s character based on something he said on Twitter in middle school. As long as the sentiment isn’t disgustingly racist/homophobic/etc., you can just laugh off the fact that your team’s new left tackle tweeted something stupid a decade ago. There were just two things I never understood about this:

  1. Why would anyone who knew they were about to get drafted not delete all their old tweets beforehand to avoid potential embarrassment?

     B. Why do these tweets come out exclusively on draft night? Most of these guys are still somewhat famous when they’re playing in college, why does nobody find these before draft night? Or do the weirdos who search for these old tweets just wait until draft night to release them?

Despite any of that, this is one of my favorite draft night traditions. New Broncos’ receiver Jerry Jeudy’s old tweets stole the show last night, with some pretty questionable thoughts on Sesame Street & what he wants in a woman:

Chase Young talking shit about the Redskins six years ago is great stuff as well. It honestly would’ve been concerning if he had said he thought the Redskins were gonna be good; that would’ve been a sign of judgment issues.

As funny as these were, I would be remiss to not mention some older and much funnier draft night tweets of years past.


A timeless classic. Remember when Mitch Trubisky was the second overall pick & first QB off the board, ahead of the likes of Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson? While we can all agree that the Bears’ decision, as well as this tweet, is regrettable, you can’t disagree with the sentiment. Not gonna hate on 2011 Mitch because he expressed his love for titty kissin.


Eagles QB Carson Wentz had more than a few old tweets and Facebook posts circulate the night he was selected second overall in 2016. This one absolutely had to be the weirdest. I know I gave the whole speech about how these guys were young and you can’t judge them too much on these old tweets, but he was like 16 here. How is that something you tweet when you’re 16? The cj20 signature at the bottom is just an extra strange move. What is this guy, Obama signing the end of his tweets? Luckily for Carson, Nick Foles had more than enough dick to go around en route to Super Bowl 52 a few years back.

dennis smith

Here it is. The granddaddy of ’em all. The Wayne Gretzky of draft night tweets. I actually wanted the Knicks to pick Dennis Smith jr. in this draft, and was slightly disappointed when they passed him up. But when this tweet surfaced after the Mavs drafted him, I was FURIOUS. I straight up thought the dude was gonna be a future MVP solely based off of this tweet. The Knicks have since traded for him and he’s been a huge disappointment because of course he is, it’s the Knicks. To refer to sex as “slangin this wood” and call it a “Gog-given talent” is a the most confident, hilariously worded phrase I have ever seen. Even if he never does anything of note in the league, he’ll forever be a legend because of this tweet.

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