Some Broadcast Sounds to Remind Us of Sports

Today marks six weeks since the NBA was shut down. It’s no secret that we all miss sports, and we’re doing everything we can to entertain ourselves until they come back.

Since there haven’t been any sports on, there also hasn’t been any reason to watch live TV. Everyone and their mother watched ‘The Last Dance’ Parts 1 and 2 on Sunday night (which was fire by the way), and it was probably the first time most of us saw commercials all quarantine. One of those commercials was for tonight’s NFL Draft, mercifully giving us another beacon of hope. The commercial played the ESPN “the pick is in” noise, and let me tell you, that shit made it MOVE.

I was half-watching the TV at that point since the doc was over, but as soon as I heard that, my head shot up like a drunk frat guy hearing his buddy rip the juul. That one little noise made me feel things I didn’t even remember I was capable of feeling. I’m so starved for sports that anything that remotely reminds me of them makes me excited. Which got me thinking – what are some of the best sports broadcast noises?

Mike Breen’s BANG

If Mike Breen saying “BANG” doesn’t at least double your heart rate, I don’t know what will. I pray that we get to hear the ESPN crew call a Lakers/Clippers conference finals a few months from now.

NFL Redzone Beginning

Nothing better than seeing the countdown clock hit 0 on a Sunday afternoon and knowing you’re about to drown yourself in football for the next ten hours. Redzone has broken the football watching part of my brain to expect action every thirty seconds, and I can’t get enough of it.


FOX Baseball Theme

They use the FOX football theme for baseball now, but this old school theme was always a favorite of mine. Just reminds me of the Yankees/Red Sox rivalries of the mis-2000’s that really got me into baseball. They never should’ve went to the football music, hopefully one day they switch back to this.


Hockey might end up being the first of the four major sports to resume play, and if it does I guarantee everyone in America is going to absolutely love this sound.


The first time I hear all of these because it means live sports are about to be on my television, I may cry. For now, at least we have the draft tomorrow night. Let me know which sounds I missed.

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