10 Things Everyone Does When Their Team is On the Clock

The NFL Draft is tonight, and you’ve probably been looking forward to this since at least Sunday’s premiere of ‘The Last Dance’. Personally, I’ve been looking forward to it for longer. And as cool as the Jordan documentary has been so far, it’s about the past…not the future. And nothing is more exciting than the future.

Spongebob Future GIFs | Tenor
NFL Fans Everywhere Tonight

Life has been unusual without sports, and there isn’t much to discuss on a daily basis other than when sports are coming back and in what capacity, but they’re all mostly hypotheticals because nobody really knows. The NFL Draft, similar to free agency, is the one thing sports fans can discuss that actually is happening and matters.

So when your team is on the clock tonight, you’re going to get that feeling of adrenaline that’s been missing from your life. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be doing all of the below things:

2020 NFL Draft order: Updated list of each pick from all seven ...
Image via NBC Sports
  1. Salivating at the “Best Remaining Players” running list on that is always loaded with every fun skill player you’d want on your team, only to have another offensive lineman get drafted.
  2. Yelling at Mel Kiper, Jr. from your couch for saying your team has glaring holes at multiple positions that need to be fixed. Nobody likes the truth, Mel.Ben Stiller FAT MAN - My Milkshake (HQ 720p) - YouTube
  3. Scrolling through Twitter to see if your team traded the pick, but hoping they didn’t because you’ve been mentally preparing for them to draft in this spot for months and any sort of change will ruin the mock draft you’ve made in your head.
  4. As the residing football expert in your home, confidently telling everybody you’re watching with which player your team will pick because months ago you randomly saw “a tweet” broadly saying the front office “really liked him”.
  5. Nervously pacing around the room in your sweatpants and jersey as your team uses way too much of the clock to make the pick. NFL draft 2017: How the clock works - SBNation.com
  6. Shushing everybody in the room (who weren’t talking anyway) as Goodell walks up to the podium.
  7. Sitting in disappointing silence after your team drafted a projected third round pick with character issues.Richard Sherman's reaction to Superbowl 2015 - GIF on Imgur
  8. Immediately entering Twitter to express rage, but then seeing highlights of that player and realizing he’s actually not bad.
  9. Convincing yourself that the pick was actually great, then remembering who else was on the board and getting mad again. WTF GIF by Cindy046 | Gfycat
  10. Calming down, leaning back, taking a deep sigh, and saying “Well, we’ll see. Only time will tell.”

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