The Rock’s New Show Makes Me Want To Run Through A Nail-Ridden Brick Wall

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has a new show coming out on NBC called “The Titan Games”. Simply put, it’s a series of challenges that test these men and women physically as well as mentally as they try to knock off one of six other “titans” that they compete against throughout the show.

I have a feeling that when I watch roughly the first 14 seconds of this show I’m going to want to workout non-stop for the following 48 hours. There are going to be multiple contestants moving 80 feet tall steel beams with the same amount of struggle I exert to throw snow over my shoulder. I plan on feeling embarrassingly weak from the moment I turn this show on…and I love it.

Dwayne Johnson is in one of those annoying life situations where everything he touches now makes hundred of millions of dollars. It’s like, he doesn’t even need an original idea and these networks are jamming their annual profit miles deep into his pockets. And honestly, kudos to The Rock and his PR team for keeping him in the “absurdly strong and overwhelmingly vascular” club of actors and actresses after he dressed up as the Tooth Fairy for an entire movie. The fact that he now has a show about the strongest and toughest people in the world after pulling that stunt is truly something to marvel at.

Image result for dwayne johnson the tooth fairy

Anyway, back to the show. The best way I can describe “The Titan Games” is it being the real-life version of the Salty Spitoon (RIP Stephen Hillenburg) with The Rock as the bouncer. If that doesn’t make you want to sit your out-of-shape ass down every Thursday starting January 3rd, then I honestly don’t know what will.

And what better time to start a show about people who have their shit together physically and mentally than January 3rd, a day into “The Resolutioners” prime time. Absolutely genius. People will be flocking to the gym like a bunch of drunk college kids surround the guy who brought Chick-Fil-A to the party. It’ll be madness, and guys in the demographic of 18-24 will be attempting tire flips through flaming hula hoops daily at their local New York Sports Club while the older men in their 40s reclaim their youth by attempting to bench press 225 again like they did during their high school football years. Even if you don’t work out, go to the gym the day after this show premieres because it’ll be an incredible sight.

There’s also supposed to be a lot of great storylines to follow throughout the series, so I hope this is one of those shows that sticks around for a while. I’ll definitely be tuning in next month.

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