Was There Ever a Better Feeling than a Snow Day Growing Up?

Pretty self explanatory but getting a snow day when you were growing up was the absolute shit. Waking up dreading a long day of sitting in class only to be told by your parents that you can go back to sleep was a feeling like no other. If you were lucky enough, you would get the call the night before, and know that you could stay up late doing whatever with your friends without having to wake up early the next day. Unfortunately, Ramsey NEVER used to do that when I was younger (they did last night though, they’ve really gone soft.)

When you’re in college, there’s really nothing that compares to snow days. Sure, I’ve had a few and they’re definitely clutch, but getting one in college is completely different. You’re in class for significantly less time each day in college than you would be in high school, so a snow day probably only gets you out of 2-3 hours of class. Plus, when you go to a big school like Rutgers, missing class isn’t as special as it was in high school. Even classes with mandatory attendance usually allow you at least 2 absences per semester, so you can easily skip a few without any real repercussions.

Some of my fondest childhood memories were from snow days. The only time it really screwed me over was my senior year, when snow on a Saturday got our basketball game cancelled and turned it into a three hour practice instead. That suuuuucked.


Another time, I decided to try and play a little joke and tweet out that I got the snow day call the night before. Twitter went crazy, first believing me and then rightfully roasting me when they realized I was kidding. Luckily, we actually did end up having a snow day and I was saved from likely being killed at school the next day. Lesson learned, do NOT mess around when it comes to snow days.

As you get older, you tend to move on and kind of forget about what made you happier when you were younger because they’ve been replaced by other things. But no matter how old I get, I’ll always miss the feeling of finding out you had a snow day. One of the absolute highlights of being a kid.

(Also, side note, but FUCK delayed openings. Sure they made your school day a lot easier/shorter but at that point just cancel school, no point in going when the teachers aren’t gonna have us do anything anyway.)

One thought on “Was There Ever a Better Feeling than a Snow Day Growing Up?”

  1. Hilarious work, Nick. I love it…and great prank! I wonder how you felt the day after the Seahawks won the Super Bowl when we had an early closing….but everyone was mad we didn’t have a snow day. I was happy to have school because I wanted to hear about Rob and the ultimate chocolate-milk bath.


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