I’m a Giants Fan and I Feel Bad for Eagles Fans

Obviously the biggest news out of the NFL yesterday was Eagles quarterback and MVP hopeful Carson Wentz having his season cut short by a torn ACL. Now, by no means am I an Eagles fan. Short of the Cowboys and Patriots, there is no NFL team I dislike more than them. Every time I see one of my South Jersey friends retweet the Miracle at the Meadowlands video I wanna blow my brains out, and living with an Eagles fan (shoutout Phil) during this particular NFL season, given their success and whatever the hell the Giants are doing, has not always been fun. But if your first reaction to the Wentz news is not to be a little disappointed, you’re not a true sports fan.

Did I want to see the Eagles win the Super Bowl? Unless they happened to be playing the Pats in the big game, then that would be a definite no. But you hate to see a team’s run end (or most likely end) like this. There’s nothing worse as a fan than the “what if” factor. I can’t imagine the pain I would feel if Eli had gotten hurt in the midst of one of our Super Bowl runs. Conversely, I wouldn’t feel nearly as proud of those wins if Tom Brady had gotten hurt. As a sports fan, not only do you want to see your team win, you want to see them beat the best. And this year in the NFC, the Eagles and Carson Wentz were the best, at least up to this point. It’s the same reason I feel bad for loyal Mets fans. If that rotation stays healthy every year, they’re the best group in baseball. It’s almost (almost) not even fun watching them be so consistently bad because the injuries are always the biggest problem. Watching them lose the 2015 World Series at full health? THAT was fun. (Sorry to bring the Mets into this for absolutely no reason, the Stanton trade has me in baseball mode already.)

So am I upset that the Eagles most likely won’t be winning Super Bowl LII? Definitely not. But if you don’t even feel a little bad for Wentz, his team, and the city of Philly, you don’t get what sports are all about.

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