McGon’s Picks: NFL Week 13

After a September and October full of upsets and inconsistent play by many teams, favorites have finally found their way in November.

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Week 12 was the best Sunday for the betting public this season, and Vegas sports books have taken a beating as favorites have gone 37-15-4 against the spread this month. Just as Week 12 was great for the rest of the public, it was great for me as well. I went a season high 11-4-1 against the spread, and tied a season high at 14-2 straight up. Here’s a look back at the picks I made (winning team in red, spread winner in red):

Vikings (-3) at Lions

Chargers (-2.5) at Cowboys (Thank God I don’t have to justify what went wrong here)

Giants at Redskins (-7.5)

Buccaneers (+9.5) at Falcons

  • Falcons 34, Buccaneers 20- The Falcons are starting to find their groove at the best time possible. While its possible that they take a step back any week, it would not be shocking to see them go on a late season run somewhat similar to last season.

Browns at Bengals (-8)

Titans (-3) at Colts

Bills (+10) at Chiefs

  • Bills 16, Chiefs 10- The Chiefs downfall from one of the best offenses in the league to one of the worst continues to make little sense. There’s only one way to explain it…

Dolphins at Patriots (-16)

Panthers (-4.5) at Jets

Bears at Eagles (-13.5)

Seahawks at 49ers (+6.5)

  • Seahawks 24, 49ers 13- The Seahawks continue their dominance over the Niners, as they have now won 9 in row against them (including playoffs), a streak that began during their incredible NFC Championship game. After 8 quarters, the Niners scored their first TD against the Seahawks this year with the clock reading :00, with the throw courtesy of new QB Jimmy Garoppolo.

Saints at Rams (-2.5)

Jaguars (-5.5) at Cardinals

  • Cardinals 27, Jaguars 24- After the Jaguars narrowly pulled out their first even week victory of the year in Week 10, they went back to their even week ways with a down performance in Week 12. Blake Bortles had two great rushing TDs, but then blew a chance at a comeback win with one of the worst interceptions I have ever seen.

Broncos at Raiders (-5)

Packers at Steelers (-14)

  • Steelers 31, Packers 28- Kudos to Brett Hundley and the Packers for their great performance in this one. The Steelers, despite their 9-2 record, continue to show vulnerability against weaker opponents, but still find a way to pull out wins in the end.

Texans (+7) at Ravens

  • Texans 23, Ravens 16- Vegas knew what was gonna happen before we did.

2017 Straight-Up: 116-60, 2017 Vs. Spread: 88-82-6

December football is here.

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Redskins (-1.5) at Cowboys

  • With Ezekiel Elliott and Sean Lee both still out, I don’t see much changing for the Cowboys. They finally got Tyron Smith back last week, but that offensive line health only lasted for so long as they lost Zack Martin to a concussion, and he’s questionable for this game. It’s hard to imagine the Cowboys playing as poorly as they have the last 3 weeks (especially in the second half) yet again, but that’s what I’ve said the last two weeks. The Redskins have played better of late and will earn a close win on the road.

Vikings (+3) at Falcons

  • I’ve been going back and forth on this one, but I’m gonna go with my original instinct of a Vikings upset on the road. The Falcons have looked great the last 3 weeks, but the Vikings have looked great for the last 7. They controlled the entire game in Detroit on the road, and I like them to grind out a win this week and establish themselves as a true threat to the Eagles’ top seed. Let the Vikings hosting the Super Bowl at home talks begin.

Lions (+3) at Ravens

  • Another road upset here. The Ravens have given us more of an image of who they are of late, and while they’ve won a few games, I still don’t think they are consistent enough to keep it rolling. The Lions have fallen off a little after their hot start, but I think they are the better team and will come in with a few extra days of rest, and will get the upset win in Baltimore.

Patriots (-8.5) at Bills

  • No one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills, and that will stay true this week. The Bills looked much better last week after three straight brutal losses, and this is the perfect time for Brady and Co. to come in and put them back in their place. I don’t think it will be a rout like the Saints game, but the Patriots will come in and win and cover in Buffalo.

49ers (+3) at Bears

  • The Jimmy G era will get off to a good start. While it is too early to say he’ll for sure turn around the Niners, I think he will look good this weekend in Chicago. The Bears have fallen off and have dropped 4 in a row, and I think the Niners get the upset for their first road win of the year.

Buccaneers (-1.5) at Packers

  • The Packers looked great last week, but based on how they have looked under Brett Hundley prior to that game, I have to believe that is the best performance we are going to get from this team. Jameis Winston is back for the Bucs, and I think they pull out a close win in Green Bay, and enough to cover.

Colts at Jaguars (-9.5)

  • Never doubt the odd week Jags. The Jaguars defense dominated the Colts in Week 7, and while the Colts have played better since, I think this is a bad matchup for Indy. The Jags will rebound from their poor performance in Arizona to win and cover at home.

Broncos at Dolphins (+1.5)

  • The noise of a toilet flushing is all you need to know about my thoughts for this game. The Broncos are the better team on paper, but I can’t help but continue to think that they’ve been cursed since annihilating the Cowboys in Week 2. I have the Dolphins winning a close, low scoring game at home.

Chiefs (-3.5) at Jets

  • The Chiefs return to the Meadowlands two weeks after getting embarrassed by the Giants. The Chiefs should be better than the Jets, and with the Jets commonly playing well against better opponents this year, then losing a close one in a very Jets way, this spread is perfect. I think the Chiefs edge out a close win, and I’ll pick them to cover as well.

Texans (+6.5) at Titans

  • The Titans and Texans have played a lot of close games of late. The Titans are the better team than the Watson-less Texans and are home, so they should definitely get the win. However, the Texans did beat the Titans 57-14 earlier this year. Despite missing the key piece to that blowout, I think the Texans will play tough in a divisional matchup and cover.

Browns at Chargers (-14)

  • The Chargers are a team to watch out for as the playoffs near. They have been getting excellent play on both sides of the ball, as seen on Thanksgiving against the Cowboys. I think they continue their hot play and destroy the Browns at home. The Browns are searching for their first win since the last time they played the Chargers.

Panthers at Saints (-4)

  • Biggest matchup of the weekend right here. The Panthers have won 4 straight, and the Saints lost their first game since Week 2 last week, but they could have easily lost the week before as well. However, I’ll toss that all aside and look at how great the Saints have played at home this year. The Panthers have found a way to disappoint commonly in the last two years, and I think the Saints win a great game in New Orleans, and enough to cover.

Rams (-7) at Cardinals

  • After losing two weeks ago in Minnesota, the Rams came back to beat one of the NFC’s elite in the Saints. The Cardinals have had trouble putting together good performances in consecutive weeks this year, and I think they will fall back and the Rams will win and cover on the road.

Giants at Raiders (-8.5)

  • Despite the Broncos late comeback, the Raiders looked great last week at home. I don’t think Geno Smith is going to make the Giants THAT MUCH worse, but based on the turmoil in the organization and in the media, I don’t see him or the team playing well this week. I had the Raiders covering before the Giants QB decision, but with all this turmoil I have the Raiders crushing the Giants in Oakland. Rational Giants fans, don’t listen to all the moron Giants fans. Watch the video below.

Eagles (-6) at Seahawks

  • The Eagles continue to fly week after week, and I think the same happens this week against the Seahawks banged up defense. The Seahawks will stay in this game at home and with Russell Wilson under center, but the Eagles are too good right now, and they will continue this ride by winning and cover in Seattle.

Steelers (-5) at Bengals

  • The Steelers have played down to many of their opponents over the past two years, but they have always been sharp in division games. In this one on the road in Cincinnati, I think the Bengals keep in close. However, I have the Steelers pulling away late to win and cover on Monday night.

That’s it for Week 12, be back next week. What will Sundays be like without the comedy of Eli Manning?

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