The 10 Funniest Athletes

Sports are really, really serious at time. And even recently, they have tried to become involved in the justices and protesting in the social world (which I actually don’t have a problem with, but that’s a story for another day). Fortunately, there are a few select athletes that among all the madness just give you a good laugh. Whether it be they’re actually good at being funny or they are just a little crazy, their humor is thoroughly enjoyed nonetheless. In no particular order, here are the funniest athletes around:

Peyton Manning

“Chicken parm you taste so good” will forever be ingrained into my mind. Peyton Manning is easily, in my opinion, the funniest athlete in the world, and his Saturday Night Live United Way P.S.A. is quite possibly the hardest I have ever laughed at one of their skits.

LeBron James

When LeBron hosted SNL a long time ago, a ton of the cast members explained how he seemed to have a natural ability to be funny, and had a great sense for timing and what not. In Trainwreck, he was hilarious, and a long time ago, before LeBron wanted to make a “difference in the world” he was producing funny commercials like it was his job. We want the Old LeBron back.

Shaquille O’Neal

“You know you don’t fit in that Buick” will forever be my favorite Celebrity Mean Tweets. Other than being made fun of, Shaq is a really funny guy himself, and nobody will ever know how he got so many q’s.

Brian Wilson

This guy was just fucking weird, but nobody cared. He coined the iconic “Got Heeeem”, and describes it as only he can above.

Chad Johnson

For starter’s, he changed his name to his number. Like in real life. You really didn’t care if he scored in terms of the game since the Bengals sucked eggs, but you wanted to make sure you were watching if he did because he had some of the best touchdown celebrations of all-time.

Marshawn Lynch

Let’s just talk about last week…

He has become an icon in sports media ever since his “I’m just here so I don’t get fined” debacle. He now has his own show called “No Script” where he literally just does what he wants for a little while…what could go wrong, right?

Blake Griffin

His comedic talents have been on display since his rookie year, and most predominantly in all of the commercials he does.

Dan Haren

I mostly based this on his Twitter, and he wasn’t noticeably funny until after his career. But, he seems like a nice guy, fun sense of humor. Put him on the list.

Joel Embiid

The best is yet to come with this guy, but he has definitely delivered a promising start to his comedic career.  Not only does he go directly at opposing players…

But is funny when he makes mistakes unlike Super Bitch Kevin Durant

Mike Tyson

Idk, is this irony, or personification? I don’t know, but it’s some type of figurative language, and Tyson abused it. His rant essentially makes zero sense, but it’s hilarious to listen to:


Think of any athletes you say are funnier? Comment below and throw in some videos to prove it.

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