McGon’s Picks: NFL Week 6

After the Ravens-Jaguars game in London, I tweeted this.

And after last Sunday, I have the same reaction. Will the real Jacksonville Jaguars please stand up?

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The odd week Jaguars have been incredible with blowout wins away from Jacksonville against the Texans, Steelers, and Ravens, who are a combined 8-4 in games not against the Jaguars. The even week Jaguars have been a different story. They got crushed by the Titans at home and lost to the Jets on the road, and these two teams are a combined 3-5 in games not against the Jaguars. This makes the Jaguars a very tough team not only to bet for, but bet against as well. Will the even week Jaguars be back this week? Keep reading to find out.

Week 5 was much better for me than Week 4, but still not nearly as strong as my first two weeks. I went 8-6 straight up, and 7-7 against the spread. Here’s a look back at the picks I made (winning team in red, spread winner in red):

Patriots (-6) at Buccaneers

Bills at Bengals (-3)

Jets (+1) at Browns

Panthers at Lions (-2.5)

49ers at Colts (-1.5)

Titans at Dolphins

Chargers at Giants (-3.5)

Cardinals (+6.5) at Eagles

Jaguars (+8) at Steelers

Ravens (+2.5) at Raiders

Seahawks at Rams (-1.5)

Packers at Cowboys (-2)

Chiefs at Texans (+1)

Vikings at Bears

2017 Straight Up: 48-29, 2017 vs. Spread: 37-39-1

Onto Week 6, the most boring week of the year (Cowboys bye week).

Image result for nfl boring gif

Eagles at Panthers (-3.5)

  • Big statement game for both of these teams, as they both want to prove that their 4-1 starts are for real. The Eagles have definitely been more impressive at 4-1 than the Panthers, but I picked the Panthers to have a bounce back year, and I’m sticking with the trend. Give me Cam having another great start and the Panthers winning and covering at home.

Dolphins at Falcons (-11.5)

  • Some people will say coming off a bye will refresh a team, others will say it will slow a team down. In this case it doesn’t matter, because the Dolphins can’t score and the Falcons can. Falcons by a million.

Packers (-3) at Vikings

  • Last weeks game against the Cowboys was a perfect description for when facing the Packers. They will score, they will probably give up points, but don’t give the ball to #12 in the last minute. The Vikings have looked solid this season, but the Packers are finding their groove, so I like them to win and cover on the road.

Lions (+5) at Saints

  • While the Saints have rebounded well since starting the season 0-2, this spread is ridiculous. So ridiculous that it almost feels like a trap and the Saints will easily cover. However, I’m going to bet against that trap. The Lions have looked great all year besides last week (but they did finish the game strong) and they will get what Vegas feels is a pretty big upset win in New Oreleans.

Patriots at Jets (+9.5)

  • When was the last time the Jets and the Patriots had the same record and it was not Week 1 or 2? This is a big game to see if the Jets are better than bad and if the Patriots really just are not as healthy and dominant this year. I think it will either be a Patriot blowout or a close game, not the 9.5 spread listed. I’ll take the Jets keeping it close but the Patriots finding a way to win in it in the end.

49ers (+10) at Redskins

  • The Redskins are coming off a bye, but looked great in a winning effort against the Raiders, and a losing effort against the Chiefs. The Niners, meanwhile, have now lost their last four games by 3, 2, 3, and 3, respectively. I’m definitely taking the Redskins to win, but all of these close games gives me hope that the 49ers will cover. (BTW: Never Forget)

Bears at Ravens (-6.5)

  • The Bears have looked tough at home all season, but on the road? Not exactly the case. I think last week will help the Ravens get back on track after two consecutive brutal losses, and they will have no problem winning and covering at home against the Bears.

Browns at Texans (-9.5)

  • DeShaun Watson is very much proving he could be this years Dak Prescott. A Texans team that put up just 20 points through two games has put 124 (124!) over their last three games. Last week was tough against a great Chiefs team, but they should get back on track and have no problem covering at home against the Browns.

Buccaneers (-2.5) at Cardinals

  • Here comes Adrian Peterson to save the day! Probably not. Either way, its been quite a frustrating season for the Cardinals. While they should be able to keep this one close, I think the Bucs will have enough to get the win and the cover in Arizona.

Rams (+2.5) at Jaguars

  • The even week Jaguars are back in Jacksonville! Last week was their most impressive win yet, picking off Big Ben five times in Pittsburgh. This should be a great matchup with this young offense going up against this young defense, but I think the Rams offense gets it done on the road against the even week Jacksonville Jaguars.

Steelers at Chiefs (-4.5)

  • The Steelers took care of the Chiefs in a wet playoff game last year, but this year will be different. The Chiefs took care of the other elite AFC team they played this year, and after how the Steelers looked last week, I think they’ll make the most of it, winning and covering at home.

Chargers at Raiders

Note: The spread has not been released yet due to the Raiders QB situation.

  • Jack Del Rio says he thinks Derek Carr will play this week, so I’ll go with his word on that. Last years playoff game and these past two weeks have shown just how weak the Raiders are without Carr. It’s yet to see if he is fully healthy, but with him at QB, I’ll definitely take the Raiders winning at home.

Giants at Broncos (-11.5)

  • Jesus Christ. As if the Giants play could not be getting any worse, OBJ and Brandon Marshall are done for the year, and DRC could be getting suspended by the team. The only chance the Giants have of covering, let alone winning, is if their defense can shut down the Broncos offense to an extent. But I don’t see how the Giants put up any points in this game, and the Broncos will rout them.

Colts at Titans

Note: The spread has not been released due to the Titans QB situation. 

  • This prediction is strictly on Marcus Mariota returning. Cause if Matt Cassell starts, you know what will happen. So if Mariota starts, I think the Titans will look much more like the Titans we saw the first few weeks, and they will get the win over the Colts.

That’s it for this week, be back for Week 7. Will the Jacksonville Jaguars cement themselves as the new Buffalo Bills?

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