BTB Picks: MLB Playoffs

October baseball is back, which means it’s time to cancel what you’re doing at night for the next month and dive into the world of playoff baseball.  People have officially chosen their team to bandwagon, and will soon be spending $35 on a hat that says “2017 World Series Champs”.

Here at BTB, we make sure we call our shots before the playoffs get too deep, and below are some of our writer’s picks for how they think the playoffs will go down:

Bert: The Indians will take down the Yankees in 4 games with the Yankees starting pitching not being able to compete, while the Astros roll over the Red Sox under a Chris Sale collapse in Game 1. Dodgers will have no problem with the Diamondbacks, but the Nationals and Cubs will take 5 games to decide, with ultimately the Cubs upsetting the Nats. Cubs will lose in six to the born-again Dodgers, and the Indians will win in 5 against the Astros.

The Indians redeem themselves from a 3-1 2016 failure and get crowned World Series Champs in 6

McGons: The Yankees are an exciting young team, but the Indians are too strong right now, and they will win in 4. Everyone knows the Astros are good, but they’re still underrated. They had a hot end to the year and I think they finish off the Red Sox in 4. The Dodgers and Diamondbacks will play an entertaining series between division rivals, but ultimately the Dodgers will win in 5. Nationals-Cubs presents the team perhaps with the most pressure to win against the team with the least pressure to win, but the Nationals are that much better this year, and they will win in 5. An ALCS matchup between two 100-game winners will be great for baseball fans, and the Indians will head back to the World Series winning in 6. Two teams who have constantly come up short this decade will meet in the NLCS, and I think the Dodgers will prove they’ve been the best team all year and win in 6.

The Dodgers may have had the best record, but the Indians are the best team in baseball right now. They’ll get their revenge and win the World Series in 6.
Stanzo: The young Yankees team gives the powerful Indians a run for their money, but Cleveland ends up winning in 5. The Astros prove they are clearly superior to the Red Sox, whose below-average starting pitching finally catches up to them as Houston advances in 4. The division rival Dodgers and Diamondbacks go the full 5 with the Dodgers prevailing, and the Nats starting pitching is enough to propel them over the Cubs in 4 games. The Astros’ lineup puts up runs, but not enough to overpower the now-healthy Indians, who advance in 6 games. The NLCS is one for the ages, with a Kershaw-Scherzer Game 7 going in favor of the Nationals. In a Cleveland-Washington World Series, the Indians come out on the right side of a Game 7 this time, and become the 2017 World Series champions.
Mr. Walker: Indians sweep the Yankees, as the Yanks’ starters get roughed up too much
for the bullpen to fix. The Red Sox ride two Chris Sale wins to a 3-2 series win over Houston. The Nats finally win a playoff series, as their starters roll over the Cubs in 4 games. Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers take care of the DBacks in 3. In the NLCS, Kershaw gets the monkey off his back, with two wins in a thrilling 7-game series win. The Indians defeat the Sox in 5 games, with the Indians continuing to roll like in September. Finally, the Indians end their championship drought with a 4-2 WS win over the Dodgers.
Drew Potolsky: Yankees 2017 WS Champs.
Riebs: NL first: The Dodgers and Diamondbacks series will be an exciting representation of the top heavy NL West, and show off a market in Arizona which deserves more press than they are getting. The Diamondbacks take the 3-2 series because the Dodgers simply can’t win big games, and in the last portion of this MLB season the Diamondbacks have OWNED the Dodgers going 7-2 in the last 2 months. The D-Backs win this series because in October grit and grind wins baseball games. The other NLDS will favor the Nationals and their balanced squad over the Cubs who just haven’t seemed to look like the same Cubs of last year. The Nats big bats light up a rotation which is known to crumble in the playoffs and cruise to a 3-1 win. The DBacks/Nats matchup is going to be exciting. I’m thinking 6 games. DBacks 4-2. I’m going with that grind and grit again. Personally, at this point in the season I think the type of players on a roster and team chemistry win championships. Not talent. The Nats, like the Dodgers, just read as a team that can coast during the regular season, but can’t handle the pressure when ALL eyes are on them. Maybe I;m delusional, but I like NL West teams who win the wildcard (@SFG).
AL next: I’ll be honest, as most people reading this I thought when Dozier hit the HR in the wildcard game the Twins would easily coast into Progressive Field to face the Windians. With that out of the way, I don’t see the Yanks holding off the Windians (That is the only way I will refer to them until another team wins 23 games in a row). Series is a clean sweep. 3-0. The Yankees MUST score first if they want to have a chance so they can get the game out of their starters hands as soon as possible. In the other ALDS Boston has the tough task of facing the deepest team in the 2017 postseason. Boston will give one hell of a match to the Astros but I see them coming up just short in a game 5. I’m not sure why I am so attracted to Verlander in Houston, but he is just one of 10 guys on that team I can’t take my eyes off of. This is the Divisional series to watch no matter who you are a fan of. Expect game 1 to be electric, but expect the Astros to barely edge the Bosox. I see the Championship series as an absolute brawl. I really think the AL has the better matchups that are prompted for the most excitement. Give me the Windians in 6. And raise the stakes… They like streaks. I’m calling an 0-2 deficit flipped to a 4 game win streak to win the series. Again, the Astros are sick, but I’m all about the grit and grind, and nothing puts a team on path to winning a World Series like losing one in the extra innings of a game 7. Windians get the series in extra innings of game 7.
The big schabang: Dbacks v. Windians
I think this is where the DBacks run out of magic, but only because all of the magic
the MLB could muster up has seemed to be with the Windians. Windians take the Fall
Classic 4-1. Be prepared for big hits by Fransisco, fire from Kluber, dominance from Miller, and fat lips from Terry. I don’t think the games will be a bore to watch, but I don’t see the Windians letting this opportunity slip through their fingers again.

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