Seahawks Slow Beginning Does Not Mean Season Is Over, It Means It Is Just Getting Started

Starting 1-2 was definitely not how the season was supposed to begin, but after two tough losses against the Packers and Titans and a nail-biter against the 49ers, that is where the Seattle Seahawks stand.

It’s been hard to watch too.  The two games the defense played well, the offense didn’t. When the offense played well (granted very inconsistent), the defense could not deliver another good performance. It just seems like one part of the team goes right, the other goes left.

Being a New Jersey native and being forced to watch the horrid Giants and Jets try to call themselves professional football teams every week, I don’t get to see a lot of the Seahawks games. I catch highlights, and I follow the app closely.  That said, after years of watching trends very closely through a different window than many fans, I’ve learned that when it comes to the Seattle Seahawks…you cannot panic.

Pete Carroll is crazy enough to be considered a genius, so when the season starts like the way it has, it almost feels like everything is going just according to plan.

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I’ve also learned that the Seahawks are a second half team.  I say this all the time to my friends when they are losing in the first half and they text me saying “Oh what’s wrong with the Seahawks LOL?”. I confidently respond, “You wait, they’re a second half team”. And they are, in more ways than one.  You rarely see the Seahawks jump out to a massive early lead, maybe only a few times have I witnessed that happen (mostly in their Super Bowl winning year when they were winning by 40+ points).  For the most part, you see the real team find itself the more the game progresses (ie: Carolina Panthers NFC Divisional Round Game, down 31-0 at halftime, lose 31-24). Sometimes this second-half dominance is reflected through the score, sometimes it is just a matter of the way the team plays coming out for the 3rd and 4th quarters. Their swagger, intimidation, confidence, etc. is just different.

And the reason I say not to be worried is because this is also true when it comes to the overall season. Take a peek:

2012: 4-4 in first 8 games, finished 11-5

2013: They went 13-3 so not many problems here and won the Super Bowl so yeah

2014: Started 3-3, finished 12-4

2015: Started 2-4, finished 10-6

2016: 4-2-1 (with some very close games), finished 10-5-1

So is it bad that they have started 1-2? Yes. I’d rather not have to go through this every year. I would much rather every season be like 2013 and win the Super Bowl, no problem. But life isn’t fair, and you can’t always get what you want. So if there is any closure to a 1-2 start, it’s the fact that you know things are going to turn around in our favor, assuming history repeats itself as it often does.

There definitely are a lot of questions to be answered, like who is our starting running back? Carson, Rawls, Lacy? Is the line improved after last week’s performance, or is the team just learning how to work around it? Are our cornerbacks, sin Richard Sherman, good enough to keep up with the rest of the elite defense?  But these uncertainties and doubts exist every year, and while the Seahawks are currently trending down in 2017, expect them to bounce back big after the Week 6 Bye Week.  We’ve been here before, let’s not panic.

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