This Rutgers Football Banner Makes No Sense

Real head-scratcher here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huuuuge spraypainted banner fan. Some of the ones we had for the Penn State game last year were classic.

But this banner? Makes absolutely no sense. First of all, Zeke doesn’t even go to Ohio State anymore and hasn’t for 2 years. We also happen to know that Ray Rice, arguably the greatest Rutgers football player ever, had a video of him hitting his wife go viral (I still think he got the short end of the stick with his complete exile from football after that, considering there are certainly other guys in the league who have done as bad/worse things and just weren’t caught on camera, but domestic violence is still inexcusable). So there’s really two options for what happened here.

On the one hand, they completely forgot about the most high-profile domestic violence case in recent NFL history, which just so happened to involve our best player ever. Or, it’s just a really bad sarcastic joke. And take it from me, I make AWFUL sarcastic jokes multiple times every day, I know a bad one when I see one. But “hey guys, get it? We had a star running back beat his significant other too!” isn’t exactly a knee slapper. And yes, I know the Penn State ones are pretty awful too, considering the acts that took place. But that’s something they did and we didn’t; saying “our former player hit a girl too” doesn’t exactly make us look good.

Overall, I respect the effort. I love banners like this, and getting on Barstool is dope. But in a classic Rutgers move, the banner makes absolutely no fucking sense. At the end of the day, we could have the most savage banners ever created hanging all over College Ave and we’re still probably going to lose by 40. But every time my brain tells me there’s no chance, my heart (and my drunk brain) tells me maybe there is a chance. Saturday can’t get here fast enough, RU Rah Rah baby.

P.S. Anyone who ever tells you at a tailgate that “it’s a marathon not a sprint” is probably an undercover cop. Who says you can’t sprint the whole marathon?

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