The Yankees Are All I Have Left in Sports

This weekend was a tough one for me for sure. I consider myself a fan of four sports teams – the Yankees, the Giants, the Knicks, and Rutgers. I’m a Rangers fan too, but I haven’t followed hockey closely enough for the past few years to really consider them one of my main teams. 3 of those 4 teams, with the exception of the Yankees, are doing less than fine right now. I’ll start with Rutgers.

They finally won a game last weekend (the first one since The Alley closed), only to lose to Nebraska this weekend on the road. They’re about to get trounced by Ohio State this weekend. Being a Rutgers football fan just really sucks. Not even gonna write anything more on them. Too depressing.

Onto the biggest trainwreck in professional sports, the New York Knicks. They traded All-Star Carmelo Anthony for Enes Kanter, Doug McDermott, and the Bulls’ 2018 2nd-round pick. Now, I wanted Carmelo gone as much as the next guy. It was time to move on. But going from rumors of possibly using him as part of a potential Kyrie Irving trade to trading him for Enes fucking Kanter, Doug McDermott and a 2nd-round pick is classic Knicks. At that point, might as well keep Melo because misery loves company. I hate this franchise.

Then we have the Giants. They’re a little different than the other two teams I mentioned because I’ve actually seen them win two championships in my lifetime. But man, do they look bad this year. Eli looks like he’s starting to lose it, and I’d rather have a traffic cone on the offensive line than Ereck Flowers. Just when they finally start to put it together yesterday, they lose on a 61-yard field goal? Joe Buck is saying on the broadcast how this kid’s range is 55, and the rookie drills it from 61 to win it? Props to him (congrats on the sex), but that’s a brutal way to lose a game to your rival. Miracle at the Meadowlands type disappointment. With all the hype around the Giants coming into the season, an 0-3 start was not what I expected.

So overall, it’s a rough time in my fanhood right now. However, at the end of the day, I still have the Yankees. And no matter how many times I have to watch Rutgers spike the ball on 4th down to end the game, the Knicks trade All-Stars for a washing machine, or the Giants let me down at the end of a game, I still thank God that I’m not a Mets fan. Anything but that. The Yankees turned a rebuilding year into a year where they’re serious contenders (and no, I’m not gonna say “oh it was a rebuilding year anyway” if/when they get eliminated from the playoffs, because anyone who watches baseball knows it didn’t end up being a rebuilding year at all.) It looks like they’re putting it together at the right time. They have the rotation depth to compete, the bullpen is looking good, and Judge is finally hitting again (just hit his 50th homer to break the rookie record but please, Red Sox fans, tell me how Benintendi is the rookie of the year because Judge strikes out a lot.) If the Yankees want to let me down like the rest of my teams currently are, they’ll lose in the wild card game to the freaking Twins. But if they can get over that hump, this is a dangerous playoff team. By no means do I think they’re better than the Indians, but anything can happen in October. And the longer the Yankees play, the less I have to think about my other teams.

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