Kevin Durant Uses Fake Accounts to Respond to His Twitter Trolls, But Still Totally Isn’t Mad

Anyone who reads this blog regularly (not sure why you would we’re absolute garbage) knows how much I hate Kevin Durant. Just last week, I blogged about KD’s new shoes that addressed his haters. I definitely didn’t like that move but some people thought it wasn’t bad and the shoes were cool. Whatever, maybe KD cares a little about the haters but not that much. Well apparently Kevin really wanted to confirm how much he cares about his Twitter trolls.

This might be the least surprising news in the history of Kevin Durant. Saying KD spends his free time responding to haters on Twitter through fake accounts is like saying Tiger Woods spends his spare time popping percs and banging hookers; it’s common sense. I love the notion that the greatest scorer in the NBA is spending his time responding to haters with Twitter egg profile pictures and like 14 followers. Just the most Kevin Durant move possible. Twitter obviously went crazy, getting us some Grade A response tweets from Big Cat, my favorite Barstool blogger.

“Great job on this blog, Nick. I love reading your stuff & you’re also super handsome!”

-Anonymous female BTB Sports reader

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