An Ode to Thursday Night Football

Ah, Thursday night football. The primetime football equivalent of your little cousin who is still a little too young to be sitting at the adult table on holidays. It’s no secret that the Thursday night game every week isn’t usually the matchup everyone’s been looking forward to; last night’s Bengals/Texans matchup was a prime example of a Thursday night game that doesn’t exactly jump off the schedule at you. Those kind of games are usually played on either Sunday nights, or the 4:25 slot on Sundays. Even the Monday night game’s matchup is almost always superior to the Thursday night one. But despite everything I just said, the Thursday night game is always a beautiful one. Here’s why.

As an esteemed graduate (is graduate the word for one class you’ve completed? Can’t really think of a better term so I’ll go with it) of Mr. Walker’s Inaugural AP Economics class in 2014-15, I’m going to reference his article from the other day about the supply and demand for football. The Thursday night game is the first game of every NFL week. In between it and the Monday night game that ends the previous week are two full days without football. We spend them reading injury reports, scouring fantasy waiver wires, and watching the previous week’s highlights on Twitter. Now, while this is nothing compared to the 7 months without football Mr. Walker referenced in his article, these two days can feel long after you were just spoiled with a full slate of NFL games. The Thursday night game is the glorious start of being able to indulge in what the NFL has to offer all over again.

The other reason the Thursday night game is so great is it signifies the start of the weekend. Many college students like myself have the luxury of not having Friday classes. However, even those who do have work or class on Fridays knows that it usually has a more laid-back, weekend vibe than the previous four days of the week. The Thursday night game signifies the start of the weekend, and with it the chance to relax and enjoy some football.

You really don’t realize how much the NFL means to you until you’re watching the Thursday night Jaguars-Titans color rush game like it’s the Super Bowl. So thank you, Thursday Night Football. We appreciate the consistency with which you provide us average games each week.

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