This Guy Who Trolled KD’s New Shoes is the MVP of Offices Everywhere

In case you didn’t see Kevin Durant’s new shoes, they’re basically a subtweet to all of his haters.

He totally isn’t mad though. Just everyone’s old pal Kev getting in on some NBA Twitter humor. I’m almost starting to feel bad for the guy. He just wants so badly to be liked, but it’s not happening. He can’t even play the “I don’t need to be liked as long as I’m respected” card because nobody really respects him either. Don’t get me wrong, for as much as I hate KD, I respect the shit out of his game. I have no problem saying he is the single greatest scorer to ever play basketball. He can score the ball in so many ways that he’s practically unguardable, and we saw that in the Finals. But at the end of the day, he needs to realize that no matter what he does with the Warriors, he’s still gonna be a sellout who piggybacked onto a former 2-time MVP and his 73-win team to take the easy road to a championship. Whether he’s the best player on that team or not, that will always be the case. So clearly, KD is no hero in the minds of people on Twitter. This guy, however, most certainly is.

Inspirational. As a 20-year old kid who struggles with Microsoft Excel and rarely makes a new pot of coffee when I take the last cup from my fraternity house, it’s great to hear a success story like Eric Kubicek’s. He was able to block out the haters and become the employee of the month. In the anals of history, people will discuss three great success stories: Michael Jordan getting cut from his varsity team sophomore year of high school to go on to become the greatest basketball player of all-time, the 1980 US Olympic hockey team of amateurs beating Soviet Russia, and Eric Kubicek’s rise from a so-called “lazy” employee to a modern day cubicle God.

Take notes, KD. This is how you silence the haters.

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