McGon’s Picks: NFL Week 1

Let the games begin. I know most people don’t like spoilers for their favorite TV shows (shoutout to the dummies who fell for the bait that was the leaked Game of Thrones script), but I’m here to tell you who’s gonna be winning every Sunday. The last couple of seasons, I’ve made picks in the Notes app of my phone to see how I did. Last year, I also started makes picks against the spread as well. Unfortunately, however, this was for my own pleasure, and there was no one I was actually competing with. But that’s over now, as I now have some readers to prove how much I know (or really don’t know) about the game. Lets go!

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Note: Team in red is predicted winner, spread in red is predicted winner by spread. Also, spreads tend to be slightly different based on the website, so I’m taking mine from ESPN.

Chiefs (+9) at Patriots

  • Don’t think Brady, Belichick, and Co. are letting any team come into Foxborough and beating them any night, let alone on opening night after a Super Bowl win. The Patriots will win, but this Chiefs team is tough. 9 point spreads are usually for great teams against teams that aren’t any good, so I’m going to say the Chiefs will cover in this one.

Jets at Bills (-9)

  • Anything can happen in a division rivalry game, so don’t be shocked if the Jets are able to keep this close, especially in Week 1. However, this Jets team is really bad. And teams these young teams tend to improve as the season goes on. Expect the Bills to win this one easily and cover the spread, sending Bills mafia into a frenzy.

Falcons (-7) at Bears

  • If there’s anyway to shake off a Super Bowl hangover, it’s to start the year strong. And if there’s anyway to start the year strong, it’s to open up against the Bears. The reigning MVP and the rest of the Atlanta offense that was unbelievable for 11 out of 12 quarters last postseason will find its groove and crush the Bears.

Ravens at Bengals (-3)

  • The AFC North is a gritty division, and the home team seems to commonly come out on top in division games (except for the Browns). Key an eye on Joe Flacco in this one, as his health is in question. A push and a Bengal 3 point win sounds very likely in this one. However, give me the Bengals winning by a touchdown.

Steelers (-8.5) at Browns

  • Another AFC North battle, and I like the Browns in this matchup a lot more than I did last year. However, the young Browns defense isn’t quite ready to take on the veteran Steelers offense yet. I think the Steelers win this one easily.

Cardinals at Lions (+2)

  • If you read my last post, you know I have the Cardinals doing great this year and the Lions doing poorly. So why do I like them in this one? The Lions have been strong early on in the last few seasons. Matt Stafford is out to prove something fresh off his big payday, and the Lions are a good home team, so I like them to pull off this upset.

Jaguars at Texans (-5)

  • The Texans are not near perfect enough to call this a lock, but I don’t see any way that they lose this game. They are a significantly better team than the Jaguars, who have Blake Bortles in possibly his last year with the team and Leonard Fournette playing in his first game. I like the Texans to cover easily.

Raiders (+2.5) at Titans

  • While the Raiders are among the favorites in the AFC this season, they still have some of that underdog feel to them. What better way to prove this than to be an underdog Week 1 against a team they’re better than. I think the Titans will have a great year, but the Raiders will pull off a thrilling win like they did in Week 1 last year against the Saints.

Eagles at Redskins (+1)

  • The NFC East is very similar to the AFC North in that division games are always going to be great ones. As the home team and basically a game that is a Pick ‘Em, I like the Redskins to get the win over the Eagles.

Colts (+3.5) at Rams

  • This is a tough game to pick, as you have two teams who you don’t know what to expect from. With the Colts missing Andrew Luck, and the Rams scoring very few points last year, I’m expecting a low scoring game. The Rams have won their last few home openers over the Seahawks, so I’ll take the Rams winning, but by a field goal or less.

Seahawks at Packers (-3)

  • I look at this game as being a blowout victory for the Packers (like last year), or a very competitive game between two of the NFC’s best teams. The Russell Wilson era Seahawks have never won in Lambeu, so give me the Packers in this one, and covering the spread as well since it’s small.

49ers at Panthers (-5.5)

  • I picked the Panthers to bounce back this year. They’re in similar boat as the Falcons, and a big win over the 49ers is a great way to get them back on track early. I have the Panthers winning and covering over a 49ers team which will be the worst in the NFC this season.

Giants at Cowboys (-4)

  • This will be the best game of the week, and of course it’s the one I’m most excited for. Nearly every matchup between these two teams has been exciting over the last 5 years, so don’t expect anything different.The Cowboy sophomores will be out to prove that there will be no slump, especially Ezekiel Elliott, who may miss the 6 games following. Odell Beckham Jr. will probably play, as his injury isn’t major. But a nagging ankle could be the difference between him being able to score on a long slant touchdown and not, which WAS the difference the last time these teams met. Give me the Cowboys winning by a touchdown.

Saints at Vikings (-3.5)

  • While I don’t think either of these teams will win their divisions, I think they’ll both be in the Wild Card hunt at seasons end. Therefore, this is a big one early on. The Vikings offense will be out to prove they’ve moved on from Adrian Peterson, and their stellar defense will prove they were right to let him go. I like the Vikings to win and cover.

Chargers at Broncos (-3.5)

  • Many people are picking this game as their upset of the week. Not me, however. Last year’s opening Monday night was bad for the new LA team, and I think it will be the same this year. Last year’s Chargers team struggled early and picked it up towards the middle of the season. I could see the same happening this year, so I’m taking the Broncos to win and cover.

Survivor Pick of the Week: Texans over Jaguars

  • This year, I’m involved in a survivor pool. For those who don’t know how this works, you pick one team to win straight up each Sunday, but you can only pick a team once per year. Once you lose, you’re out. So in order to not waste good teams early on, I’m picking the Texans who I think will win easily at home over the Jaguars. Welcome back, #99.

Be back next week to see how I did and for a preview of Week 2. Hopefully I survive and all my credibility doesn’t go out the door after one week.

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