Is Ramapo Great Again?

Last year, different kinds of phrases related to Trump’s campaign slogan floated around Ramapo College. Make the Village Great Again, Make Ramapo Great Again, and so on and so on.  Yesterday, September 5th, was move-in day at The Po, and for essentially every student, that means being back with your friends and drinking all day and night. Unpack your stuff, go to Bottle King, and ruin your next day by drinking everything. There were questions about what might happen since it started pissing around 8/9 PM, but a little water was never going to stop (apparently???) New Jersey’s best academic public college.

After a tough past two years and Ramapo basically having like four to five fun campus-wide nights per year, last night was a breath of fresh air.  Being allowed to just chill in the village, have some drinks, and not have to worry about Public Safety breaking the whole thing up for literally no reason is a good sign for the year to come.

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As a freshman in 2015, I heard old tales of what Ramapo was like years prior. It was considered one of the best party schools in the state. I would hear stories about half the campus being cramped into one Village room, or kegs in the middle of the 3rd quad and people acting like it was another day.  Then I got there, and with the exception of the 1st night, there was literally nothing the entire year. The campus went cold. A good Friday night was winning in Madden or 2K followed by Late Night having fat sandwiches.

Things picked up a little last year, but I think the main turning point, that is now making me think Ramapo can be great again, was the NJAC Championship Buzzer Beater.

We ended up on ESPN and the campus was great that night. Everybody went to the village and celebrated. Nothing insane, but it was dope to just chill with the whole campus and have a good reason for it. A little school pride from a small school goes a long way to athletics in the future. Public Safety sat on the edges of the quad and just watched us to make sure nobody did anything stupid or got hurt.  Eventually, somebody climbed a tree and Public Safety tried to shut things down, but that’s just them doing their job (one of the few times I agreed with them).

But after that, there were a few more nights where drinking outside the village was allowed, and if you had a cup in your hand, you were fine. Nobody was a dick, and PS didn’t try to screw anyone over for drinking one beer in college. The year ended pretty strongly.

Last night could be the beginning of a great year at Ramapo. I don’t really know why they felt the need to put covers over all the parking lots, but at this point I don’t question Ramapo and Stinky Pete, I just roll with the punches. If we can at least have our social life back, I’ll accept the shitty food and the horrible money decisions. It’s important not to jump the gun and assume the party scene will be great, but things are trending up. Let’s not screw this up.


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