Holy Reggie Bush, Batman

Watch this and tell me you don’t wish he wish this much of a stud in the NFL.

If only Reggie Bush was able to do this against NFL defenders. He was given a million opportunities in different backfields after New Orleans, but never really found a solid pace, except for maybe that one year in Miami when he had over 1,000 yards.

I really wanted to see Bush succeed. For some reason, I had his Saints jersey (not a Saints fan in the slightest and I was like a 5.7/10 Reggie Bush fan). Despite my greatest efforts, Bush was never the same player you see in this highlight tape. Maybe he got bit by the Radioactive Bust Bug in Matt Leinart at USC, or maybe his game just didn’t fit well in NFL schemes. There’s really no way to tell.

Image result for reggie bush and matt leinart
I blame Matt Leinart 300% for all of Reggie Bush’s failures. That’s the most awkward “arm-over-shoulder” picture ever

For what we did get of Reggie Bush (in the video above), it was pretty amazing. Cutback, spin move, cutback, beat a defender, leaping into the endzone, all on one play. The account “Sports Pics” who tweeted this is 100% correct, this is definitely one of the sickest highlight tapes around in all of sports. It’s unfortunate that you rarely see these type of electric players transform into big time playmakers in the NFL (see: Tavon Austin, Percy Harvin), but man are they exciting.  Even if all we get out of them is one massive, completely unnecessary contract and a dope highlight tape like this one, I think I’d wrap things up and call it a success.

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