An Ode to Anquan Boldin

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Boldin stays in bounds and dives in for a TD against the then St. Louis Rams

This play was made in his 11th season, on his third NFL team. Even though Anquan Boldin never had blazing speed or phenomenal route-running, he always had a knack for making plays, giving his best effort and having the toughness of a linebacker. I mean look at that fucking body control. Any other receiver in their 30’s does that and their bound to pop an achilles.

First of all, the guy registered 10 grabs for 217 yards and two touchdowns…IN HIS FIRST CAREER GAME! No one expected that from the second-round pick from Florida State. He didn’t even play receiver full time in college.

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You can tell how long the guy was in the league for just by looking at those old Arizona uniforms

Paired up with Larry Fitzgerald, the duo became a match made in heaven. There was only one problem though.

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Matt Leinart, an infamous disgrace

This guy was under center. It’s alright though, because Kurt Warner came to town and reverted to his “99′ Straight Outta Baggin’ Groceries/Greatest Show on Turf” self and tore shit up in the 2008 season.

It clearly worked in Boldin’s favor as he recorded a career-high in touchdown receptions (11) and caught eight passes for 84 yards in his first Super Bowl appearance.

I mean, if you don’t realize how much of a freak this guy is, lets just take a trip down memory lane to when he got his head separated from his body by Jets safety Eric Smith. He literally got his face rearranged and was playing TWO GAMES LATER. Social media would’ve been all over that shit in 2008, making memes of him as the Terminator or Two Face or some other shit.

After being traded to the Baltimore Ravens, Boldin became a key piece for their playoff run in 2012. To put it into simple terms, he scored four touchdowns in the regular season and four touchdowns in the post-season. He showed up when it mattered most. Two scores in the AFC championship against the Patriots and one in Super Bowl 47 against the 49ers.

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Gotta love when those unexpected “savage moments” pop up. R.I.P Devin McCourty 😳

In the last year of his contract with Baltimore, the Ravens decided to ship him to the San Francisco 49ers for a (and you won’t fucking believe this) 6th-round draft pick. I understand that a contract would have to be worked out, but that is the dumbest trade the Ravens have probably ever made in their franchise history.

His 2013 season with the 49ers might’ve been my favorite since Vernon Davis was the other only player catching touchdowns on the team besides him. In his first game with the 9ers, Boldin caught 13 balls for 208 yards and a touchdown. It was like nothing had changed since the first game of his career. He even scored a late touchdown in the NFC Championship to put San Francisco up 17-10 against the Seattle Seahawks, before eventually losing 23-17.

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Right on Sherman 😱

After his contract expired with the 49ers in 2015, he signed a one-year deal with the Detroit Lions late in the summer. Many didn’t expect much from the vet since Golden Tate and Marvin Jones would be manning down the receiver positions, but Boldin somehow led the team in touchdown receptions (8).

Even hauled in a game-winner against the Redskins with 20 seconds left. Great defense Washington! 👍

I wish I was typing this blog a year later, but Boldin unexpectedly retired after recently signing with the Buffalo Bills, and keeping his $1M signing bonus! Smart man.

Image result for anquan boldin super bowl trophy
Also a NFL “Walter Payton Man of the Year” recipient

Good guy, great player. Thanks for the memories Anquan!

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