Stop Stealing From My House, I’m Running Out of Sweatshirts and Cereal

I was told not to but I did it anyway. My mom practically begged me not to live in a fraternity house, and I almost listened. Almost. We all know the appeal; you get to live in a big house with close to 30 of your friends and basically do as you please. Maybe it’s a little dirty and maybe people hang around in your room until three in the morning, but hey you’re young there’s plenty of time to be clean and sleep when you’re dead. Nothing could have prepared me for the horrors that I experienced however.

Parties happen. People love parties. Seriously, who doesn’t love a party? You get to have a great time with a bunch of your friends, maybe you meet a nice guy or girl, maybe you don’t even remember the night. One thing is for sure though, after a party in a fraternity house, some of your stuff will be stolen…without a second thought. I’ve seen everything from a flag with letters on it, to personalized paddles from a little brother, to an entire xbox one stolen out of my house in the two years that I have lived there. I’ve seen sweatshirts, shirts, food (at least one brave container of cereal is lost to the wind after a nights events), and even composite pictures go missing without a trace.

Image result for thief gif

I even invited one of my friends over for a party and watched her tap me on the shoulder, gesture to a composite hanging on our wall and ask “you think I can sneak that out of here without getting caught”? I looked at her the same way you look when you’re not sure if somebody is joking with you or just actually that dumb. I told her she definitely couldn’t get it out because I was watching and wouldn’t let her take it, she just shrugged and grabbed a traffic cone from our basement and walked out the front door.

Image result for dumbfounded look

I get it for the most part. There’s a huge stigma to being in a fraternity in America. But just because I’m in a fraternity, does that mean I shouldn’t be able to enjoy a nice bowl of cheerios in the morning for breakfast or wear my favorite hoodie while I eat them? Should my roommate down the hall be down an Xbox because he was nice enough to let people hang out in his room after a party ends? Should we have to spend more money to redo a composite that was stolen right off of our wall by somebody none of us even know? I don’t think so, I mean it’s not like all of these people are Robin Hood reincarnated and their redistributing all of their stolen “goods” to the people who need them. Most of it is probably either kept for themselves, thrown out or sold. This is a PSA for those of you who think it’s fun to steal from frat houses that you just enjoyed a party at, you’re stealing stuff that we kind of would like to keep for ourselves…like clothes.



Stop shoving all of our toilet paper down the toilets, if I wanted to swim through my bathroom I would go to a water park’s kiddie pool.

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