Neil deGrasse Tyson Proves That Science is the Biggest Buzzkill Ever

Quick BTB Bio: Supernerd Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of more famous scientists on Earth because of his funny/cringe-worthy tweets about science and his best-selling books on astrophysics and other smart stuff, which I’m sure is kind of cool. His puns remind you of your 10th grade science teacher when he tried to make a joke in front of the class and like 4 people politely laughed. And he also kind of looks like Russell Wilson in 20 years.

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But yesterday, he was just a damn buzzkill.

Come on, dude. You can’t just let America be excited for like, a few hours? You had to be Mr. Right? With all the things going on right now, the country came together to take a peek at the moon being the sun’s daddy in Pedro-esque form for a minute, and you had to just ruin it with science and real facts. Classic.

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Do you really have to do the science thing? There are probably 18 people in the whole world that actually care about science and what it entails.  In all reality, everything science tells me is that nothing is going to happen in the next 70 or so years I’m alive that will blow me up and end the world, so I’m gucci. If you wanna spoil it for everyone and tell us the sun is going to explode in 4.5 billion years, do it within your Science Fan Club and keep it to yourselves. Some of us are busy trying to enjoy the outdoors and have conversations that don’t involve algorithms.

In summary,

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