Don La Greca Puts This Caller Six Feet Under

There’s a great song by Daniel Powter infamously entitled “Bad Day”, released in the Golden Year that was 2005. Good song, even better now as a throwback. I mention it because the situation below clearly resulted in a “Bad Day” for all involved. This is must-watch entertainment:

Don co-hosts “The Michael Kay Show” with, you guessed it, Michael Kay.  They are both common voices of New York sports radio, which is definitely one of the more passionate sporting markets in the world. Don CLEARLY shows that passion here.

I don’t know much about this “Steve” fella, but Michael Kay seemed to have enough of this guy the second he got on the phone. He immediately sounds exasperated by this man’s existence, as if it was his own son who turned out to be the lead singer of a punk rock band instead of going to college on the other side of the phone. But, I’ve heard a lot of stupid questions when it comes to sports, too many and too stupid to repeat, and I really would not consider this one of them.  All Steve from Brooklyn asked was if Judge should have been pinch-hit for when the Yankees were leading 5-3 against the Mets to avoid another strikeout. Sure, probably a bad question and not a really well-thought out question, but I really do not think this question warranted this response by Don.

Don must have been having a rough day. Maybe he forgot his morning coffee, sat in traffic on the way to work, ran over a dog on the ride in and felt bad and decided to take the guilt out on Steve. Whatever it was, Don was on his period, and he was ready to attack.

Again, I don’t know the “Steve” history, but it seems like this man has asked stupid questions for a really long time and had a good ass-whooping headed his way, circa Don La Greca.  But to call someone worthless and a waste of space seems juuuuuuust a bit over the top. It’s a game, Don, and I’m sure that Steve had nothing to do with the Mets being a glorified Triple-A team this year. He literally just asked if Judge should have been pinch hit for in one at-bat . There is no need to tell him to get a life and cremate him on the radio.

Call me crazy, and maybe it’s my conspiracy-ridden mind working hard, but Don and Steve might have a serious past sexual relationship. Steve might have ended things poorly, and Don still had/has feelings and he is out there searching for revenge. This rant was more than just about baseball, there was something deeeep within Don La Greca that made him absolutely combust on this man.

Steve: Hey



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