It’s Uncomfortable How Many Yankee “Fans” Have Judge Jerseys Already

Huge win last night. Should we have scored more runs off a guy who came into the game with an ERA over 6? Probably. But coming off as deflating of a loss as Sunday night was, with Luis Cessa on the mound, any victory was a big one.

Bert, Dave and I’s spirits were preeeetty low when Curtis Granderson and Yoenis Cespedes hit two solo shots in the third to make it 2-0 Mets. We were standing in right center so we had the perfect view of Judge trying to rob Cespedes. I literally started to cheer when I saw it hit his glove, only for it to deflect off of it into the bullpen.

At that moment, I really thought the Yankees were about to lose to a guy whose ERA was above 7 since July started. Luckily, the Yankees were able to scratch some runs across, thanks to a Gary Sanchez sac fly in the 4th before Aaron Judge hit his first home run in what seemed like years in the 6th.

Then, the Yanks took the lead for good in the bottom of the 8th when Aaron Hicks and Sanchez hit solo shots off of Hansel Robles. When Robles came into the game, I literally got texts from my Met fan friends saying congrats on the win. Shoutout to Tat and Googs.

Another cool little tidbit from last night is that Judge, Hicks and Sanchez all hit their 40th career homers. So overall, couldn’t be happier with the win last night. There were waaaay too many Mets fans in the building last night for us to have lost, because Mets fans are absolutely insufferable when they beat the Yankees since its the only joy they ever experience (not you, Mr. Walker, but you know what I mean).

However, I just wanna address one thing that’s been bothering me at every game I’ve been at for a few months now. There are way too many Yankee fans with Judge jerseys at every game. Don’t get me wrong, I love Judge. He’s not gonna consistently put up numbers like he did in the first half because that’s basically impossible, but he’s definitely better than he’s played since the All-Star break. My issue is that as good as his first half was, there are still way more jerseys with his name on the back than there should be for any rookie.

Are some of these die-hard Yankee fans who just own a bunch of jerseys and wanted to add Judge to the collection? Sure, I’m sure a bunch of those fans are out there. But I can tell that a lot of these fans wearing Judge jerseys probably didn’t give a shit about the Yankees, or baseball at all, until this year. Fake Yankee fans like these might honestly be worse than Mets fans. They’ll routinely use “27 championships” as a comeback to any argument even though they probably couldn’t name the last time they won before 2009, but act like they’re die-hard fans because they know Judge’s exact batting average on June 3rd. They probably don’t even know who Shawn Chacon is.

GOAT of all time

Also, if you buy an actual jersey with the name on the back, you’re doing it all wrong. Names are only acceptable on Yankee t-shirts, not the jerseys.

Was this rant irrelevant, and should I probably just be happy that these people also choose to support my favorite team? No. If you didn’t care about the Yankees before Aaron Judge started mashing home runs, please let us real Yankee fans take your place in the stands. It’s almost September, this is when the team needs us most. End rant.

P.S. Judge has only hit three home runs at home since the break, and Dave and I have been there for two of them so I’m not saying we’re directly responsible but I’d be surprised if we didn’t at least get a few interviews for hitting coach jobs this offseason.

P.P.S. The Judge’s Chambers is cringe-worthy too. I thought it was awesome when fans came to games dressed like judges because it was natural fan support, but the Yankees putting it on a section and handing out robes is a try-hard move. It would be like putting a “Bleacher Creatures” sign above 203, it would kill the vibe.



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