This “12” Year Old Blasts 7,000 Foot Home Run; Little League Enters 1st Steroid Era

Have you ever seen Benchwarmers? When the 35 year old Dominican player hit bombs around the stadium, all while drinking tequila on the mound crying about his ex and carrying his country’s flag around first base. Well, if there was ever a real-life version of the infamous “I am 12” line, this is it.

Chris Berman would be like:

The fact that you have to watch this video a few times just to see the ball land speaks volume to how much it was shat on.

First off, Jared has a point here saying this kid (his name is Jayce Blalock) is most certainly not 12 years old. If Shaq and this kid walked up to the plate next to each other, I might have difficulty telling them apart. If they were going into a Buick on the other hand….

Image result for you know you don't fit in that buick

Secondly, it seems like there’s a kid like this ever year. A kid who hit puberty in 1st grade and is basically a high schooler playing on a Little League field. This ball, in all reality, easily went 350+, which is a dinger in most MLB ballparks. AND HE’S 12. I was actually pretty good in Little League too, but the farthest ball I ever even thought about hitting probably went like 280 feet tops, and that’s giving me the benefit of the doubt.

I don’t know what parents are feeding their children these days, but I pray this kid already hit his growth spurt. And if he didn’t hit it yet, I pray the Yanks get him a contract whenever that is actually legal.


If the game is 1-0 already at the time of this home run, and the bases are loaded with one out, that means the Monstar at the plate bats at 6th.  You’re telling me there are 3, 4, and 5 hitters on this team with more power than Miguel Cabrera’s Mini Me? If that’s true, this Georgia Little League could probably compete in the NL Central this year if they made some deadline deals.


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