Correcting Barstool’s Yankees Blogger’s Post Because it was so Incorrect I Couldn’t Leave it Alone

Here’s a little BTB Sports insider info for you guys. You may or may not know, but one of our biggest inspirations for starting this blog was Barstool Sports, which Rob, Dave and myself are all fans of. They have a lot of guys who write the same way as us. Some sports blogs make it seem like you’re sitting through a lecture. Barstool blogs are more like having a conversation with your buddies. However, for every guy Barstool has whose blogs I love to read, there are a few bloggers whose posts are just insufferable.

One of their Yankees bloggers, Barstool JJ, is the absolute worst. The guy gets eviscerated in the comments section on every blog he has. He just really doesn’t know anything and acts like he’s the Gandhi of Yankees Baseball. Yesterday, He posts this blog.


First of all, I wouldn’t say Yankee fans are “panicking.” Sure, three straight losses hurts (he posted this before last night’s loss to the Indians), but the Yankees have actually been playing pretty good baseball of late. He says Yankee fans are “bitching and moaning” about what needs to change. That’s what involved fans do. You better believe Red Sox fans and Cubs fans are doing the same thing right now. You only relax about what a team is doing when you’ve given up on them. This usually happens to me about 2 weeks into every Knicks season. Oh, D-Rose went missing hours before game time? Word. But I’ll never relax about the Yankees. Not until I’m at a parade down the Canyon of Heroes.

So I’m gonna do JJ a favor and correct his takes, and maybe help him learn how to write Yankees blogs that don’t get him murdered in the comments section. If you wanna read the whole thing, click here. Let’s get to it.

“If I told you on opening day that we would be here, you would fellate Brian Cashman like Boston is doing to Tom Brady today. However, instead of being happy about being in striking distance of the division, everyone is bitching and moaning about what needs to change.”

While that may be true, you can’t just pull the “this was supposed to be a rebuilding year anyway” card out of your ass when this team was in first place for most of the first half and just traded for Sonny Gray. Yankee fans who are saying that are cowards. This team has shown it can compete, and hopefully can make a run in October. However, I’m realistic and know that this team’s window for success is just opening. Mortgaging prospects for a rental like Yu Darvish to go for it all this year would’ve been a huge mistake. Cashman was able to get guys in Gray, Robertson and Kahnle that will not only help us in 2017, but in the coming seasons as well. So if you’re a Yankee fan who wouldn’t care if this team crumbles down the stretch and misses the playoffs, please do yourself a favor and take a lap.

“3 years ago, Girardi and Cashman got 3-year deals because the Yankees were a mess and no one wanted those jobs anyway.”

Yeah, because who would want to be the General Manager of the team with the most money to throw around, or manage the team that that money would be able to buy? Come to think of it, no one probably wants to bang Emily Ratajkowski either. What a terrible, terrible take. While the Yankees are surely in a better position today than they were three years ago, to say that no one would have wanted their GM or manager jobs is bananas. Cashman has been amazing the past few years, orchestrating deals for the likes of Didi, Castro, Gray, Clint Frazier, Gleyber Torres, etc. And while no one is quicker to criticize Girardi than me, I can’t hate on the job he’s done too much this year. So sure, maybe some guys aren’t cut out for the pressure of being the Yankees’ GM or manager. But to say no one wanted these jobs is just flat out one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard someone who is paid to cover the Yankees say.

“Instead for right now you let the career .300 hitter (Matt Holliday) figure his shit out because he’s the best option we have at DH when Sanchez is behind the plate and you can’t be a leader if the manager doesn’t trust you to play.”

I see where he’s coming from with this one, but he’s still wrong. I’d love for Matt Holliday to start hitting, too, but the guy looks absolutely lost. I do think cutting him would send a negative ripple effect throughout the clubhouse because he’s such a leader. My solution? Throw him back on the DL for awhile because there’s a chance he still hasn’t recovered from mono, or at the very least his swing hasn’t. Replacing him in the lineup? Miguel Andujar is still in Triple-A (whose name JJ spells as “Adjular” in the article by the way. I guess there’s no time for proofreading when you have to come up with so many awful takes), who we saw go 3-4 with 4 RBI in his MLB debut before getting sent back down. He also is mashing at AAA with a .328 average in 30 games. Put Holliday back on the DL, and have Andujar split time at DH with guys getting half days off like Judge or Sanchez until Hicks and/or Holliday come back. I do actually agree, though, that you can’t have Holliday and Andujar on the 25-man roster at the same time because that’s two guys who can’t really play the field. But something needs to be done until Holliday can get his swing back.

“PS: Everyone needs to pump the brakes on all this Aaron Hicks hype. I love what he’s done this year but he’s been good for most of one half of one season, in a 5-year career. After missing 2 months don’t be shocked if he comes back and isn’t killing the ball.”

Is Aaron Hicks the savior of the Yankees season? No, not by any means. But this guy was playing legitimate All-Star caliber baseball before going down with an injury on Old Timers’ Day. Why would we not be excited to get him back? This guy suggested the Yanks send Hicks on a MONTH long rehab.

I agree 100% with not sending Frazier down, but Hicks should be inserted into this lineup as soon as he’s ready. This guy just really doesn’t know baseball.


So that’s my rant. Am I salty that a guy who clearly knows a minimal amount about the Yankees and baseball in general has my dream job of blogging them for Barstool Sports? Yes, very much salty. But I decided to take the high road and help him get better at his job. Hopefully he can make the comments section of his blogs a little less angry one day at a time.


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