Fantasy Football Draft Strategy #1: Golden Receivers

It’s that time of the year again. Fantasy Football Draft Day is right around the corner. Grab some wings, some beers, a folding table, some laptops, and the boys as you gather around ready to draft the all-time greatest team you have ever laid eyes on.

Now there are multiple strategies on Draft Day.  The first one we will be discussing today revolves around stockpiling wide receivers. They are arguably the hardest position to predict considering they will not get a “guaranteed” amount of touches per game, and their performance is highly based on matchups. So with them, you have to realize depth is the main idea.  Having 4-5 players you feel confident throwing out there every week will be a large factor in your success. Below is a Yahoo! Mock Draft where I had the 6th pick (the worst one) and followed the Golden Receiver mentality.

1. Julio Jones (Atl – WR)

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A lot of people might think that Mike Evans is the better pick here, but you probably can’t go wrong with Jones or Evans.  My reasoning for choosing Jones is his big game ability. Evans will probably be a more consistent receiver, but Jones is clearly capable of massive games (see his 300 yard game in 2016), and with a first-round pick, I want big-time talent over consistency.

2. Jordy Nelson (GB – WR)

I don’t trust Jordan Howard, Melvin Gordon, or Devonta Freeman yet, and sticking with the the receiver first mentality, it came down to Jordy or Saints receiver Michael Thomas. Although I firmly believe Thomas will have a breakout year in 2017 and be worth this high of a pick, I can’t promise it. When healthy, Nelson WILL perform and is the better pick here.
3. Tom Brady (NE – QB)

I hate him, but he’s a stud and will be the top fantasy performer this year. Gronk is healthy, they added Brandin Cooks, and Edelman is still scrappy as ever. A steal in the 3rd round, and I am set for quarterbacks.
4. Dalvin Cook (Min – RB)

Call me ludacris, but Dalvin Cook is going to have a massive year. Nothing like what Zeke had last year, but over 1,000 yards. He is the real deal and plays with a big chip on his shoulder. I’m all in on him and have no problem with him being my #1 back when I have such a strong receiving core and quarterback.

Image result for dalvin cook

5. Michael Crabtree (Oak – WR)

Derek Carr’s favorite target, screw Amari Cooper. A great third option at WR, and at this point in the draft it was between Crabtree and Tyreke Hill.  While Hill is more talented than Crabtree, I never feel confident having a stereotypical “wildcat” guy in the starting lineup. It hasn’t worked great for somebody like Tavon Austin yet, so Crabtree is my man here.

Image result for michael crabtree

6. Julian Edelman (NE – WR)

I have Brady so why not have the guy who is going to catch 12 of his 30 completions.  In a PPR league, this is a steal in the 6th round, but since it wasn’t, Edelman fits here.  Starting him at FLEX every week is a perfect option and rounds out my receiving core if one of my guys goes down.
7. Tyler Eifert (Cin – TE)

People are probably forgetting about him because he was hurt most of last year, but please do not sleep on Ei-fart (trying to get a laugh from the 12 year old readers). With Pro Bowl talent, he is the 3rd best TE available after Gronk and Kelce.

8. C.J. Anderson (Den – RB)

Experts are saying he is looking the best he has during his tenor in the NFL.  Granted he is in a running back committee, he certainly has the talent to be a feature back. As my #2 RB and essentially the last guy in my starting lineup, I’ll accept his 8 points a game.

9. LeGarrette Blount (Phi – RB)

I took a chance here. You never really know with him, but last year he was a RB1 with all his touchdowns.  Again, involved in a committee, he will likely see the goaline carries for the Eagles, and is a good FLEX option or RB2 when needed.

Image result for legarrette blount eagles

10. Matt Forte (NYJ – RB)

Anything involved with the New York Jets probably isn’t good, and is the main reason I wouldn’t typically want Forte, but he is versatile and will get most of the touches if Bilal Powell doesn’t take the reigns, so this pick doesn’t hurt.

11. Minnesota (Min – DEF)
12. Steven Hauschka (Buf – K)
13. Hunter Henry (LAC – TE)
14. Mike Wallace (Bal – WR)
15. Blake Bortles (Jax – QB)

11-15 are all backups, and will likely not be on your lineups come season time considering the waiver wire will be active. Depending on your Defensive strategy, you’d want to take a defense in the 10th or 11th round, or just don’t draft one and play matchups.

Stay tuned for the next Draft Strategy, and by the by, Yahoo! ranked my draft as an A- soooo

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