A Promo Code for Free Beats Set the Internet on Fire Last Night

Yesterday was a normal Thursday for all intents and purposes, and my brother and I were headed home from the gym. I got a text from my roommate TJ that apparently if you used the promo code “MACBEATS” on the Georgetown University Bookstore, you could get a pair of Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones for just the $8 cost of shipping. Naturally, my friends and I were all skeptical. Wouldn’t you need a student ID if this is the Georgetown bookstore? Nope. One by one, my friends responded saying it worked. Next thing you know, we’re texting the code in every group chat on our phones, giving out free Beats like we’re Oprah.

 round and round GIF

This went on for about a half hour until people were saying that when they tried the code, they got an error message saying using the code was a “malicious” action. Malicious seems a little too harsh for typing an 8-letter promo code, but if I received thousands of orders for free Beats within a few hours I’d be pretty pissed too.

After a little Twitter research, I found out this wasn’t a Georgetown mistake, but a Barnes & Noble mistake. Apparently the code worked at UNC and LSU’s bookstore websites at various points in the day, too. The code was intended for people who bought a Mac computer to get a free pair of Beats, a promotion that’s been on and off for a few years now, ever since Apple bought out Beats. Here’s the million dollar question: will Barnes & Noble fulfill the orders for free Beats? They don’t seem to be too worried

I looked on their Twitter and they tweet out a “goodnight” every night, so either this is a coincidence or Barnes & Noble has the most cold-hearted social media department ever. Now, I’m realistic. I know how much money they would lose if they fulfill all these free Beats orders (a shit ton), but here’s the thing: they messed up so bad, they kinda have to. If you wanted to put a promo code for free Beats with a Mac purchase, shouldn’t you have to be purchasing the Mac at the same time? Or at least require the Mac order number when you go to buy the Beats? Barnes & Noble not sending these Beats would be the equivalent of leaving a steaming plate of hot wings on the coffee table at a Super Bowl party, only to come back to them eaten an hour later and claim they need $300 for them. Like dude, what did you think was gonna happen? There’s only two options. Either there’s some B&N tech intern who is beyond fired, or Dave’s theory:

So basically, Barnes & Noble has two options. They could cancel all orders, become the biggest narcs in the history of narcs, and have whatever customers they have left realize they should probably just go on Amazon to get whatever book they need. Or, they could take a huge loss (probably thousands of dollars), but become the dopest bookstore of all time. Barnes & Noble would become the equivalent of the older cousin who buys you alcohol, but your Mom doesn’t really trust because he got caught with weed at school that one time, but you love him and think he’s the man. Barnes & Noble could make books cool again, if they just ship us these free headphones that we use with devices that are making books obsolete. So the choice is yours, Barnes & Noble. Do you wanna be cool, or do you wanna be a narc?



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