Hey MTV, Please Give Us a REAL Jersey Shore Reunion


GO VINNAY! GO VINNAY! When you heard “get crazy, get wild,” you knew you were in for an amazing hour of watching eight people make way too poor of decisions for their age, and you were gonna love every second of it. The only thing that got me through having mono over winter break was re-watching the entire show. I actually think the show is mostly responsible for my recovery, can’t confirm or deny.

After cast members teased a reunion on Twitter last week, it’s finally been confirmed. I don’t wanna get my hopes up because realistically, it’s not gonna be anything like the show. It’ll probably be the old cast catching up and talking about memories of the show. That’ll still be really cool to watch, but can’t we get them to do a real reunion? One more night out at Karma? Ronnie making another batch of his famous Ron-Ron juice, him and Sam breaking up and getting back together again 6 times before they even get to the club, Pauly yelling “Ubahs ah heeeeeya!” because it’s 2017 and no one takes cabs anymore? That wouldn’t make for good television. That would make for ALL-TIME GREAT television. I’m not trying to tell the people over at MTV to do their jobs, except I am, and this is what you should do. I don’t care how old they are or how long it’s been since the last episode, get these eight people drunk together and the result is guaranteed television magic. Hell, have Angelina unexpectedly show up and see how that turns out. The possibilities are literally endless.

So please, MTV, give us one more hour of these lovable people fist-pumping, binge drinking and name-calling. It’s not what America wants; it’s what America needs.

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