Let’s Build A Wall Around Anyone Who Has Ever Consciously Bought a Kidz Bop Album

Kidz Bop recently released their 35th album, and I think I speak for most people when I say I’ve had enough of this now. It has officially gone too far.

Many people think that if they were President, they’d change the world in many ways. They’d solve world hunger, advocate for world peace, and end corruption.  Well I’m a realist, and I know what the people want.  So if I was President, my first order of business is to buy territory, seclude anyone who willingly bought Kidz Bops 1-35, and build a wall around them so they cannot make anyone else feel what they feel. Don’t worry, inside the wall will be a nice little town, kinda like The Truman Show, where everybody can live their lives normally, and we can have loud speakers everywhere that just constantly play the Kidz Bop albums on repeat.  Only then will these people learn their lesson, and be able to return to civilization.

Yes, is that extreme and probably an exaggeration…probably.  But it speaks volume that a great deal of you were thinking to yourselves “…maybe he’s onto something”.

All I know is that Kidz Bop has been around for way too long, and if Borders, Sports Authority, and so many other companies couldn’t make it through the recession, I have no clue how Kidz Bop made it.  WE LOST FRIENDLY’S. I’d trade Friendly’s for Kidz Bop every damn time.

Image result for abandoned friendlys
Never forget

I have legitimately never met a single person who bought, listened to, or enjoyed a single song off any of the Kidz Bop albums. So that means the only people who are buying these CD’s (Crap Discs) are the families related to the stupid little brats who keep singing these songs.  Now I speak directly to those family members…Do your kids a favor and stop buying their songs.  Enroll them in school, get them a degree, find them some friends, their music career is going nowhere. And it deserves to go nowhere since they are involved in the process of remaking some of the greatest songs in American history and having them be sang/sung (who knows) by puberty-ridden 13 year olds who can’t hold a note for more than 3 seconds without their voice cracking and then breaking out into a swarm of pimples.

It’s honestly embarrassing as a country that Kidz Bop is a product in our market, and it makes me almost ashamed that I encourage it by listening to the regular version of songs because I know Kidz Bop 3,247 is right around the corner ready to cover Ed Sheeran’s “Castle on the Hill”.

Bottom line, those who purchased any album need to reevaluate everything they’ve ever done and see what led them to that decision.  Everybody makes mistakes, but it’s very important that we learn from them.

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