Disney Releases Movie Schedule for 2017-2019, Fans Everywhere Prepare to Spend Life Savings on Movie Tickets

If you’re like me, Disney and Pixar movies were massive parts of your childhood, whether it was watching them growing up, re-watching them with younger siblings or cousins, or re-re watching for pure nostalgia.

Well, Disney is ready to make another tug at your heartstrings and reach deep into your pocket because they know damn well your 21 year old ass is going to be in theaters for the Incredibles 2.

Below is the movies they plan to release from 2017-2019.

FullSizeRender (16)

There’s a few on there that seem like new franchises (Coco, A Wrinkle in Time) and some that they’re trying to build on as a sequel (Antman, Ralph), and some that REALLY catch your eye.  Since there’s a ton of movies, and most people only have the attention span to read for about five minutes at a time, I’ll highlight the movies that I feel are most crucial and must-watches.


I’m not a big superhero movie fan at all, but for some reason people can’t keep it in their jeans when Marvel comes out with fucking Antman starring Paul Rudd. It made $519 million at the box office, and my personal theory was that Marvel was testing it’s viewers to see if they will literally watch anything with the “Marvel” label attached to it, and I guess they apparently will. You’re gonna tell me that THIS

Image result for paul rudd shirtless

Became that?

Image result for paul rudd shirtless

Regardless, while I do not condemn any of the Marvel activity, I do recognize they are a big deal. So anything with Marvel attached to it will probably make about a bajillion dollars.


Star Wars is iconic, and The Force Awakens got me hyped up for what’s to come.  I really want to see more Kylo Ren and what the whole deal with Luke Skywalker is. Plus continuing to watch the old cast interact with the new one is a reunion that fans will always love to see.


Image result for it's happening gif

The long awaited sequel to one of the most underrated Disney movies is here, and I will certainly be seeing this opening night. Try and stop me.

TOY STORY 4 (2019)

There are two type of people in this world: those who cried at Toy Story 3, and liars. Toy Story 3 was one of the best endings to a movie franchise I have ever seen, and I really cannot fathom what the new storyline could be. Maybe the toys are with the girl that Andy dropped them off at? Even if it is a good movie, I highly doubt it will feel anything like the real deal. It’s a stretch, and should not happen.


A live remake of quite possibly the face of Disney is what they call a slump-breaker. Only Disney isn’t slumping, so they’re rewriting the rules now.  It’s almost unfair, and I’m not sure exactly what to expect. I just hope it’s more in the Beauty and the Beast direction rather than the Broadway direction. And for Heaven’s sake, can we keep Whoopi Goldberg away from this.

Image result for the lion king broadway

FROZEN 2 (2019)

Frozen and it’s soundtrack basically conquered more ground than Napoleon Bonaparte did as ruler of France (a literally history lesson for all six of you readers). An exaggeration, maybe, but probably not far off.  Frozen was one of the bigger movies you’ll see in your lifetime, just in terms of overall influence and ripple effect on so many cultures. The sequel will definitely swing big and turn some heads.

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